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Foo Fighters Friend Of A Friend Lyrics

Last updated: 04/21/2012 11:00:00 AM

He needs a quiet room
With a lock to keep him in
It's just a quiet room
And he's there

He plays an old guitar
With a coin found by the phone
It was his friends guitar
That he played

He's never been in love
But he knows just what love is
He said nevermind
And no-one speaks

He thinks he drinks too much
Cos when he tells his too best friends
'I think I drink too much'
No-one speaks
No-one speaks
No-one speaks

He plays an old guitar
With a coin found by the phone
It was his friends guitar
That he played

When he plays
No-one speaks
No-one speaks
When he plays
No-one speaks

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Some comments on here..... | Reviewer: JonoH | 4/20/12

Seriously, some comments you people keep coming out with are fucking retarded. Kurt was not a heroin addict before Nirvana, he became a heroin addict about 3 years before he died, because of his stomach pains. He said he felt like a junkie so he might as well be one. And to all those saying this song is about Dave meeting Kurt and Chris, his name is Krist. Jesus. And yes, I know his name was Chris, but Dave has only ever known him as Krist. Get your facts right before you spout complete and utter shite.

"It's better to burn out, than to fade away." | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/12

This songs lyrics subtly hints towards Kurt Cobain.

Take "He's never been in love, but he knows just what love is." Here Dave refers to Kurt and Courtney Love's precarious relationship, and suggests that he never really loved her.

There is also this passage. "He said nevermind, and no one speaks." This refers to Nirvana's second studio album Nevermind, and how it renders you speachless.

Amazing and moving song.

kurt rulz | Reviewer: arnob | 3/26/10

this song was totally writen about kurt,
"when he plays-no one speaks"
dave show the respect to his band mate and he knows how big kurt was,kurt was something ,and when he plays,all other musicians never speaks,grunge kill all other musicians that time, and foo fighter is my favourite band 2,long live nirvana and long live foo fighters

Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar | Reviewer: Eric | 2/23/10

Freud was right about some things. Sometimes, the simplest explanation is the most correct. Dave Grohl has said in many interviews that this song was written to give his impression of what it was like to meet Kurt and Chris when he joined Nirvana, that's all. Dave also said that he didn't interfere with Kurt's leadership of Nirvana, as he was "a genius," in Dave's own words. That said, Dave is no slouch either, and the Foo Fighters are an awesome band, and would have been an awesome band even had there been no Nirvana (God Forbid). They both deserve credit both together and separately for their accomplishments. I think you can acknowledge them both without diminishing either.

beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/09

this song is absolutely beautiful. dave really expressed how he felt when he first met his bandmates (krist and kurt). its just so perfect. "he says nevermind, and no one speaks." that is so kurt. i love dave grohl. just a great song.

lol | Reviewer: tom | 1/11/09

this song was written in 1990 approx. by dave about his first impressions on kurt and krist...kurt died from a shotgun wound to the head, it has been proven, the conspiracy is whether he commited suicide or was mudered....

You people are stupid | Reviewer: bob | 12/9/08

To all you dubmasses you think he was murdered. He was SCREAMING he was going to kill himself in most of his fucking songs. Conspiracy theories more please, let me guess, not only could Bush prevent 9/11 He was flying one of the planes right!! You people are ignorant as hell. He was a heroin addict before he even created Nirvana. He accidently OD'd which is what happens to addicts. Get a fucking grip.

Not just Kurt, | Reviewer: Violet Solis | 5/20/08

This song is about Chris also...
The part that says "He thinks he drinks too much" thats about Chris.
This song wasn't bashing Kurt and Chris, it was written about his first impression when he joined the band.

"Its all just a conspiraccyy mannnn"

Not just Kurt, | Reviewer: Violet Solis | 5/20/08

This song is about Chris also...
The part that says "He thinks he drinks too much" thats about Chris.
This song wasn't bashing Kurt and Chris, it was written about his first impressio when he joined the band.

love it | Reviewer: Blair | 2/27/08

I love this song and at the moment i am trying 2 play it on the guitar and sing it too... still working it out
This song is a legend and what is so wrong about crying all day?
This song was made for Kurt and i just realised it when i read the lyrics.
Good song
I love Nirvana as well and they are my 2 fav bands eva!
Dave is awsum. You dont see someone who has been in the 2 greatest rock bands in history very often (never!)

helloimurmind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/08

No one can ever take away what nirvana gave too us but lets stop arguing about how things were kurt deserves are absolute repect regardless of who killed who so if you want to argue about that make a chat room but leave this reviewer open to nothing but the music Kurt cobain was the mastermind of nirvana if you know the band you know that some of their great songs were recorded way before dave even entered the band (he was the last member and was a replacement to former drummer chad) but his genuis should be respected and this song speaks out of the horible loss that he and Kris had to go through so nothing but respect they are extrordinary.

I love kurt | Reviewer: Brittany <3 | 2/22/08

this song is so about kurt cobain.
i hate courtney love whom we know killed kurt.
it was his birthday two days ago.
he would have been 41 and he still would have been rocking with krist and dave.
kurt i miss you and you will never be forgotten<333

"I think I drank too much" | Reviewer: GrungeLivesOn | 12/6/07

Now I also find it hard to believe that someone so profound as Kurt Cobain and one who loved his daughter so much would take his own life. But his legend still lives on through his music and as seen through this piece and My Hero, Dave Grohl. Everyone for some odd reason thinks that Dave Grohl was the genius behind Nirvana. I believe he was and still is an excellent musican but not the genius, its pretty clear that it was Kurt. This song is absolutly beautiful and I dont know how anyone can doubt for a second that is wasn't written for Kurt.

Kurt truly is the biggest legend the world of music has ever seen!

Ah shut up soph! | Reviewer: Kent | 5/4/07

Relax you stupid fool.
Yes, he is death, and I also believe, that he was murded.
But don't be angry to Luther Blisset. He/she is just telling the truth
May Kurt Cobain rest in peace <3

Kurt, you are my biggest idol ever !

god is gay | Reviewer: soph | 1/13/06

good night? good night? what planet r u on? good night! would u wanna RIP, if u got murdered and EVERYONE thought u had commited suicide?? if the answers yes then ur a fucked up retard. He's never gonna get 2 rest in peace, not until the person or persons who killed him get punished....courtney love HINT HINT...think i'm crazy thinking this? go read a fucking book about it then, that is if you've mastered the skill of reading. TOM GRANT IS RIGHT...i think it, Dave Grohl thinks it, Krist Novoselic thinks it and a hole loada ppl do aswell. yay!...oh yer, the songs great, if u wanna cry all day.