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Frickin' A Biography

Last updated: 06/30/2004 09:02:47 PM

FRICKIN' A creates music that reflects the world we live in today--power pop rock full of mischief, melody and heartache. The band prefers to call their music Snot Rock.

Formed by lead singer Jason Phelps (Frickin' A) and guitarist Dave Harris (FRICKIN' B), the two had played together in other bands but were never quite satisfied with the energy and direction. A and B began experimenting as they played acoustic shows around the Midwest before adding the rhythm section anchored by bassist Jason Short and drummer Scott McCann. "We just want to do something fun," says J. "This isn't rocket science"

Fun is exactly what the band has pulled off on their debut single, TREND. TREND screams hit with references to Paris Hilton, Joe Millionaire, Michael Jackson and of course everyone's favorite line about an Extreme Makeover--where J.'s girlfriend has a little beauty work done on her derriere, ("I could bend her over and she lets me spank it")

The band got their name while getting a feel for the new members during the recording process of their first demo. While struggling to come up with a sound and a name, Harris blurted out,"FRICKIN' A man -- do these songs suck". Well the name stuck and so did the new members.

Luckily the writing and recording process continued to improve, and the original demo turned in to the beginnings of their first self titled
full length CD, FRICKIN' A (street date 5/11/04).

Mixing the sound from today with influences from the oversexed
fun-loving Hair Bands of the 80s. FRICKIN' A dares to be dumb. They play music for one purpose -- to have fun -- with songs about awkward love and tongue in cheek views on life.

"We spent countless hours in the garage writing and rehearsing, refining our show before we had the balls to take it out on the road to see what would work with our audience," admits Harris. "We want to write and play music with a sense of humor -- we may be drunk but we're not depressed. We refuse to be just another depressed band singing depressed songs that stand on stage and just play their depressed instruments."

FRICKIN' A is committed to taking themselves and their audience on a
ride they won't soon forget.