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Mozella Freezing Lyrics

Last updated: 06/26/2012 12:00:00 PM

The clouds in the sky have covered up my life
And the day just stays gray 'till it's night
And the darkness out side is a mirror to my eyes
‘Cause my soul won't reflect any light

Oh, I can't lie, I'm so lonely
Oh, make it right and just hold me

‘Cause I'm freezing, there's no way to stay warm
Don't you need me?
Left me out in the storm
How could you for get me
My sun shine has left me alone
You're so cold

Freezing, like when rain turns to snow
Don't you need me
Like an old over coat
The sea sons may change
But the ice still remains in my soul
You're so cold

The chills down my spine
Are just memories of a time
Now I'm haunted 'cause I thought
You were mine
I just can't get away
I've been frozen in one place
And I am not moving on
Tell me why, I still love you, boy?