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Cassidy Freestyle Lyrics

Last updated: 09/04/2011 11:00:00 AM

Yeah, this Swizz Beats
We need yall to vote.
Vote or die, man

Yall already know what it is
lets get em.

Tha block pop so tha strip full
rocks-got a fist full
bull pop shit that hot shit I got a clip for
when I start sparkin' it be barkin like pitbulls
matter fact rottweilers when I let them shots holla
chicks on my cock
I'm still on tha block holla
its cops on tha block, they still gon cop holla
ock I got cents and that's why i got dollars
I was told tha rules
I'm old school like my pop father
I was showed tha moves
schooled by the older dudes
how to show and prove
so I move like a soldier move
real militant
I’m ill, still killin it
im real guys thats paralyzed thats still feelin it(U ATE THAT)
yea im still on my feet and my toes
gettin higher than tha presidential suite at tha nose
gettin higher than tha nose bleed seats to my shows
fuck a Maybach I play tha back seats of the Rolls
fuck a GT I pull up in CLS
tha butt soft like my females breast
is it a V12?
I cop the uncoppable nigga
you can't stop the unstoppable nigga
I pop a shot threw u niggas
and I was like a Pop to you niggas I gave you a flow
adopted you niggas
I did alot for you niggas
and this tha fuckin thanks I get?
you my son you should thank my dick!
you take my shit, flip it around and now you think you sick?
I guess you think you Cass but I think you trash
and I’a spank dat ass you ain't fuckin wit me
you wouldn't even rap like dat if it wasn't for me
I been had my weight up
how you gon battle me wit a style dat i made up?
when I'm home it's envy
I'm feelin like tha boy Pac when he was on tha phone wit Biggie
what tha fuck is goin on out here?
what tha fuck these niggas doin out here?
niggas drawn out here
ya block hot, I put a jawn out there
my block hot ya shit warm out there
so we goin out there
set up shop and get it on out there
pop shots and get it on out there
I'm on point like a thorn out here
come to philly I'm a don out here
yea you know I'm a boss dog
nah diss ain't izod, it's lacoss dog
i floss dog and I stay wit my juelz on
you probably wouldn't see this much ice in a hail storm
its nuttin to flash but fuckin wit Cass a get you bucked or bucked and a half
cuz its only a handful of rappers thats touchin the cash
and most of them getting fucked in they ass
the snakes up in the grass
but Cass gone blast when the beef is on
i walk wit the shells and i ain't got no adidas on
and I squeeze tha join’ even when tha law watchin
I'm too hard, tha rap version of bernard hopkins, nigga...

Cassidy, bitch!
Scream at me.

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Spit-yu-out | Reviewer: LynchCity Boi | 9/2/11

In this case, i'm the Devil,came to kill and destroy Took destruction of lyricists as a Will and its on You in trouble,Jesus wont save you no matter the church you belong This ya rip-off whether you rap or sing songs. Y'all spits shit,i cop kingship with battle like Vuga Ama prove it mic-wise,u wacker than ma five fingers Lines not straight like its marked without a ruler You guys cant get on ma level wit all this weak wings,i'm too high,too fly,ballin' out wit real big project Wit cheese in pocket,peeps feels me like water fills a bucket

SOUTH EAST SAN DIEGO CA BLUE BOY QK | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/11

Doing my thing u know how it is n how it goes ama smoke ama drink get all fucked up he'll yea I don't give a fuck n I don't care if gods on ur side I'm a fucking monster  when I get on the mic call for ur back up I'll tare ur back up
That's how it is n that's how it goes I'm in a battle filled n I'm not going out that easy so start getting bezzy cause I'm all ready buzzing it n I'm not happy with what u are n what u representing 
I'm representing that Cali blue from head to toe I thought u knew I dont quit on the mic I go hard on the mic like ur bitch loves my mic I take out the trash just with one line one rime one track homie that's all it takes homie no bats n guns no blades just one more rime on my pllaylist bitches I'm amazing take brake while I brake the brakes of that pussy I'm still standing u pussys n none of lames can't Touch me like I have 
This is life in this life the game don't change like I don't change I change my bitch but not my kalah kick u bitches out my town like I kick lames out my left pocket they try a fit in buh can't hang with tha blue flags 
Brown n proud I am so I'm not scare of what they say or bang 
My pen might run out of ink buh worth it's time like dying in a dream
I spit from tha Dome so is my own blood cells that's talking shit 
Too who got a hate
It's no beer bolls I'm me the real me blue boy one Wassup I'm down for my town so bow down to thiz crazy ass clown if my life was a chain n n happen to wear it you'll end up with a hunch back that's how heavy it gets 
u won't last walking a mile in ma shoes Fo shit this is my life this is what made me a man born as a suspect raise as a convect fuck what u gotta say anything goes that's why I stay 
it will be back like a bitch Comes fo mor of my dick I got my money on my mine so don't try I earn all thiz green so go fish 
Been ther done that sold bud n made bucks around your blocks the hood made me n ur hood gav hate that's just mo fame 
I'm in daygo so cum an see how I live SOUTH EAST SAN DIEGO my city my streets 

bite my shit imma find you | Reviewer: Dirty$ | 6/13/11

battle me like tranna beat Donald Trump at Monopoly, money, yall prolly broke n cop ya jewelz wit Monopoly money, in fact ya shit so wack i might juss let yall copy me money, collect my royalties copy me money, hit tha beach n put a cock in yo honey large sumz & properties dummy, yall shit iz useless i call it juss how tha shoe fitz spit yall wack shit again imma leave yall ass toothless homie, and thass no false speak call it a prophecy im on tha grind while yall hero'z rap about it on TV, flashin nine'z at niggaz who claim they wanna get beefy, flashin signs at niggaz throwin up P-$treet on tha creep why ya sleep G...

by white guy | Reviewer: alex | 4/17/11

i aint no black man so wat can i say, ill come at u like a class 5 hurricane, ill be blowing motherfuckers like u down all day, while i snort this hollywood line of cocain. yea that nice white shit cuz wen i spit im spitting out venom, that'll melt ur skull down to the cerabellum, better watch out b4 i bring out the mac 11, send u motherfuckas all the way to hell umm. haha so dont think its over im just getting ready, the back of my hand is just getting steady, im like the guy from ur dreams just call me freddy, ryhmes slicing threw yea like a big machete,
wont need to swing to hard the blade is nice and heavy, if u stay around things could get messy.
im in the bible just check the revalations, im coming at u from the newest generation, lets just call it a rap intervention, so all of u people better pay attention, cuz im not gunna give u a new notification, all of u just need a vacation. to think of new ryhmes to comapare against mine, before i grind u into dust with these next lines, cuz u cant comprehend wats going threw my mind u people think im lyin but its my time to rise and shine. u should just get up and smell the cofee while i bring the rain like im fuckin gadafi while u sit and watch from ur house in milwaky, im doing this for fun so dont get cocky or ill knock ur ass like im fucking rocky.

freestlyle | Reviewer: lil chi-chi | 2/21/11

i know im younge but i can freestlye then u,actullay i go on da computer on imvu,keep messing with me imma bout 2 split ya dome,imma take dis lyrics keep it go home! i freestlye every weeken,and i'll yall niggas cant rapp yall aways freaken,i jerk with skinnys jeans and do my cat daddy,im 12 years old and i have a mom and a daddy!

fake niggas | Reviewer: k_true | 2/3/11

I'm tired of listening and reading about cats that claim they can rap
when all they talk about is hoes, money they ain't got and heat that
they can't pack so just face the facts all yall is whack nigga my little
brother could rip all yall on a track my bass thump so loud it will flip
all yall on ya back so you could turn in your grave my rhymes so hot
that before you start reading them they burn in your face so now you
know that your whole journey's a waste you can hang up freestlyling
before they turn your way and then just turn you away......

Fake niggas
two faced niggas
couldn't come out with nonthing hotter than this if I gave you two days
can't stand gay niggas
owe me money but don't pay niggas
If you really want to know the truth I think all you cats is fake niggas.

I hope none of yall trying to get a record label you could barley get
a job at a low class resturaunt trying to set the tables nigga who set your
goals better yet who set your fables you jelous of me uh oh another
Kane and Able but this time it's the opposite I'm the freestyle king
ain't no one stopping it yall come on here and just start popping lips
think you bad cause you claiming folk, slobs, or crips that's a negative
HIV is the only thing about you that's positive you need to stop your
lyrics cause they getting norrogitive i'm similar to a puzzle piece and
ain't nobody solving this gotta let you know that fake niggas is my
only problem snitch....

Fake niggas
two faced niggas
couldn't come out with nonthing hotter than this if i gave you two days
can't stand gay niggas
owe me money but don't pay niggas
if you really want to know the truth i think all you cats is fake niggas

Brownsville N.Y. Is my hometown the realest niggas you will ever see
is up north you punk niggas you fake nigggas you wanna be me
niggas I done seen so many niggas down here that is fake yall
niggas is so fuckin fictionated you look like a fuckin video game
you bitch niggas you grimey ass hoe niggas you's a snitch nigga yeah,
yeah, yeah he know who i'm talking about remember me nigga
tha nigga you crossed in Queens Yeah bitch my cousin told me you be
on this shit typing garbage I going to let you know at the time you least
expect it i'll see you again I told you it would catch up with you cause
it's a small world where beef can never end you two faced sock
chewing snake ass nigga.............. It ain't Over!!!!!!

swagger | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/10

some of the rhymes on here used are whack i seen better ryhmes from doctor suess on crack i never stop thinkin money like a jew with stacks i call it how i see it i just use the facts dont bring your girl around me ill just bruise her back she in the back seat of my two tone lac i got more than one girl cuz im a two hoe mack cant call yourself a dealer with only two whole sacks i got the kind of style that your flow just lacks your on here to get noticed im already layin tracks but im still true to the streets so you know i pack im done wit this flow someone put it up on the rack

Sleeper cells | Reviewer: Norret | 2/13/10

Brooklyn!Stand UP!
Most of y'all Bitches posted Rhymes on this pages/TOM Profiling,DICK riding,JERRY, Very necessary,some of y'all shit is OK/Heard these lines before y'all put the work, y'all jokin,fully load, y'all look down the barrel watch me strokin,Provoking, I am laughing, cuz y'all pokin/some of y'all rhymes about busting ya gun,hobbies for fun,cocks in the bun/y'all medicores ryhmes got me Hot to stunt/talkin about big cars and big chains,half y'all niggas are bitches in your mother's basement/Tried to come up with a hot ryhmes to upgrade your crews ryhmes,still y'all loses/Get drunk on the corner buying boozes/Norret is Ruthless/The Truth is War scars on my face leaves bruises/what your choice is?/I mean to say "what your point?kid!"/Some y'all wishes death in your rhymes/karma, is a MEAN BITCH,Hit y'all where it hurts, None of y'all ain't seem fit/y'all bitches like nuts off creamy tits/Y'all niggas wet dreamin/blue print,ski mask, a whole lotta schemin/Y'all got me laughing/girl stop your wining/let get to smashing/whoa!yeah,I went off track/folks likes stackin,(WE all loves money)/Crips keep it crackin, like sweeter the MAC clips end/blood,poppin the coffin/Cassidy ain't broke,so what y'all offerin?/Real MC's speaks the Real shit,compared to the wack ass MC's Steal or Bite others people shit/I am telling y'all how it is/Mr opinion (salute)Already know what it is/All jokes on me, like the funny biz/(Ha,Ha) Jeez wiz!,Fuck! who run this?/Cassidy?Two "s" Fell off,known as Bitch chasity/done been to philly, chillin with MAck Milli/yeah! you heard of him(click)known as Murder SLim/I gotta watch my mouth/I done seen niggas moves bodies parts a mile away down south/Rides to philly, I ain't telling the cops I forgot my cheesteaks/pulled me over for loosed brakes(scratch my head)/I 'm about to lose it/A bitch in my trunk tied up Rae caruth is/Officer:step out of the car!You snitched me out,your Range Rover smell likes fishes,take months to air it out/I ain't bother y'all/Beefin with me over something small/If Biggie was here y'all want none of that Biggie Brawls/Y'all could meet me on the block,Niggas better crawl/ or I can meet Each one of you at your crib, house, you know this/you a lil scared pussy, meet me at your girl crib/like showbiz/hell you know this/I know some of you guys up in here, telling lies up in here,bitches like wanna be gangsta Rappers tucktail when the drive by is near/*chuckle*I am not on this blog to offended anybody,Fo'real, Everybody hates Somebody/I am just here to get my point across, not even here to see or show who is boss/pray for Haiti so many suffered losses

damn man | Reviewer: joon | 1/11/10

damn man,im watchin most these trash rappers sink faster than a dude moving in quiksand, quick man! grab a rope and pass it to the other hand and these lame dudes out,give em the okidoke..u broke thought the rope was to saveya..what i look like?! a trash rapper "savior"! dont let all deez bullets in this poser forum graze ya..posing like gansters in a poster,with toy guns n toy holdsters..i seen raps on this page that shouldve been scraps lookin threw elementary trash.yesss im badd.some of u took longer than it took to finish my black..enough of me gettin on jokers see..the fun stops,cause im present like under the christmas tree with no wrap..imma stop this june demonstration yous a disaster like national lampoons christmas vacation..this is word play do your homework jerk.what i got like one curse word, and i didnt mention size or girth or if its your girls surprise on the day of her birth..haha i swear im cursed by a blue demon yeah yeah the word rhyme with semon and what do u know i can even fish for a word like SEAmen, i can even make u lame dudes keep READING, hungry for more like a baby breastFEEDING..BITE ON MY SHIT LIKE A BITCH BITING MY DICK u PRICK make u melt like the snow on wich i piss,damn im pissed..imma mention "A" gun for ruger, let off quick guaranteed i shoot ya off ya scooter. make u win a wet tshirt contest like a bimbo from hooters. if she witness this...... ima still shoot her. i got JUICE. squeezed fresh str8 out of a juicer..theres only one of me somebody pour this G a cup of tea to relax a fuckin beast thank god this jesus peice tames me im out mad love peace

Im iller than a cancer patient | Reviewer: DamnRaw | 11/12/09

I'll shove a gun in ya grill greasy and heated, smothered in hot mustard so when i feed it to you its easy to eat it, you need to be immediatly treated, while your breathing or you'll be leaving the recieving room this evening with jesus, you hate on us, we'll be waiting on 8 corners, swarming your hood with a thousand angry skateboarders, ill hop in the jeep slam on the gas and charge you, then bombard you, in the car that your mom bought you, fuck around and get choked or found in a moat, floating around, drowned face down in a boat, i'll pile 5 dudes in a pinta then pull up to the 7 mile drive through at McDonalds and pile drive you, i got the power to snatch a driver out of his Eddie Bauer when he drives by me at 90 miles an hour, this place is my house, i might as well erase my facee with white out, cuz ya'll cant see me like Mase's eyebrows