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Jimi Hendrix Freedom Lyrics

Last updated: 05/09/2013 01:04:41 PM

You got my pride
Hangin' out of my bed
You're messin' with my life
So I bought my lead
You even messin' with my children
And you're screamin' at my wife, babe
Get off my back,
If you wanna get outta here alive

That's what I want now
that's what I need now
To live
So I can give

You got my heart
speak electric water
You got my soul
screamin' and howlin'
You know you hook my girlfriend
You know the drugstore man
But I don't need it now
I was trying to slap it out of her head

Freedom, so I can live
Freedom, so I can give
Freedom, yeah
Freedom, that's what I need

You don't have to say that you love me
If you don't mean it
You'd better believe
If you need me
Or you just wanna bleed me
You'd better stick in your dagger in someone else
So I can leave
Set me free


Right on, straight ahead
Stay up and straight ahead
So I can live it
So I can turn around and give it
So I can live it
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