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U2 Freedom For My People Lyrics

Last updated: 09/02/2008 11:00:00 AM

I need some freedom
Freedom for my people
I want some freedom

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slight but important correction to previous post | Reviewer: Adam Gussow | 9/2/2008

I should correct one key point: Sterling Magee wrote the lyrics and worked up the chord changes (i.e., guitar part) for "Freedom For My People"; I worked up the distinctive harmonica part, which is also considered part of the composition. (Sterling used to call it my "frying eggs sound.") So we are, as the law understands it, co-composers of the song.

U2 didn't write "Freedom For My People" | Reviewer: Adam Gussow | 8/31/2008

"Freedom For My People" is a song composed by Sterling Magee, a.k.a., Mister Satan. He's the older black guitar-player/one-man-band who sings the song for 38 seconds in RATTLE AND HUM. I'm the young white guy in the white cowboy hat playing harmonica with him. Although the song was credited in the movie to Sterling Magee, Bobby Robinson, and Macie Mabins, Robinson was merely Magee's informal business advisor at the time and Mabins was his common-law wife. The truth is that Magee wrote the lyrics and chord changes to the song. Because his name was left off the BMI record of the song--which credits its authorship to Robinson and "unnamed," Magee has never gotten his fair share of the roughly $500,000 in royalties that the song has earned since RATTLE AND HUM was released in 1988.

The full length version of the song can be found on the second Satan and Adam CD, MOTHER MOJO.

--Adam Gussow