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Pink Free Lyrics

Last updated: 04/19/2009 11:00:00 AM

Everything's broken
But nothing really needs to be fixed
Everything I always say
I always contradict
Don't keep pushing me
Don't keep aching me
I know you love me, baby
But I don't want to know how

'Cause I want to be free
But there's still things I need
And I want to be free, oh, baby
Why's it so hard to understand me
I speak clearly
Just give me what I need
Oh, oh, no, no
Just give me what I need

Oh, yeah, oh
I'm tired of strangers always comin' 'round
I'm tired of all these favours
Cause I don’t know what they're about
I've gotta get away, oh
From these conditions
Why can't I just love myself enough?
Instead of looking outside
For what I should have inside
I wanna live in a world with
No mirrors, no sizes, no consequence and no prizes
No past, no future, no ages, no losers
No hate, no desire, no fate
All these shackles that I tied myself down with
They're weighing me down
I wanna fly away, fly away from here, so far
Just give me wings
Oh, God, why's it so hard, to be free?

And I just wanna
Just wanna be free
And I wish I wish I didn't depend on your love
I wish I loved myself enough

Somebody once told me
"You can't take nothing, nothing but your deeds"
I’m not proud of most of mine
That I still have a long way to find
And I'm going down that road so fast
I wanna be free, yeah, just
Just give me a ticket, baby
Oh, it's what I need
Take it all away from me
I wanna be, I wanna be free
Oh, oh, oh

And what if I gave up all those things that I need
That I think make me who I am
Why, yeah, oh

I'm so much love to give
We're all killing ourselves for
And you were late, you were late
Would someone help me please?
Will someone help me, help me?
And I wanna be free, free, yeah
Oh, yeah, just give me what I need
I wanna be free

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i wanna be free, i just wanna be free | Reviewer: surviva_chick | 4/17/09

She soo speaks out my mind. from the bottom of my heart im behind this lyrics. mr anonymous said "this song is a lyricists' dream2 - YOU ARE DAMN RIGHT. I'm tired of all this pop shit without a meaning, main point is that the beat rocks ... lalalala. She is a true artist, i love her for being just ... p!nk :)

amazing song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/07

this song is a lyricists' dream. so much meaning gathered from the words and pink's intelligence is shown beautifully. shes a true artist. what an artist should be.

Awesome | Reviewer: Axel | 7/23/07

This song just rocks!!.. it has such powerfull lyrics, singing and music. It's a must have :D

Listen to it carefully ;)

*** Being "Free" *** | Reviewer: Keisha L | 1/13/07

The song 'Free' by Pink is an amazing slow blues/rock song. P!nk's strong raspy voice combined with the electric guitars and drums make this 6 and-a-half minute song seem only 3 minutes, proving its incredible variety, intense rhythm and addictive melody. This is definitely my favourite song of hers, u rock P!nk!!!