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Zao Free The Three Lyrics

Last updated: 08/02/2007 11:00:00 AM

You failed to do your job.
Superstitious cover up.
They'll pay you because of your mistakes.
You lie, you lie, you lie and they pay.
You fail, you fail, you fail and they pay.
Unholy children.
Blinded vision.
false ambition.
Can you show me how they're guilty?
YOu liars, you killers, You fools of superstition.
Blame the (so-called) unholy children with your false ambition and blinded

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true meaning | Reviewer: Aaron | 8/2/2007

this is a very good song.. this song is a true story.. if you'd like to know more about this go to there you can find out information about what this song is truly about

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wrong names | Reviewer: Alex | 1/31/2007

He says their name are Damian, Jessie, and Jason. And yes I do agree that this is a very powerful song. Lots of meaning and emotion involved.

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The meaning of this song 01/16/2005 | Reviewer: Brian | 1/17/2005

Out of all of the songs from Zao this one has held a great meaning. The song is about 3 eight year old boys in 1993 Arkansas, USA who were murdered. The cops that were sent out for the case were poorly trained and they somehow wrongly accused 3 random teenagers and said that they were part of a Satanic cult. How I know all of this is on one part of the song the singer reads off the report of it then twords the end he says: "the three were accused and arrested, Damian, Justin, and James". After he reads them off his voice sounds so strong and powerfull, it sounded like the angry voice of god punishing the foolish cops. The singer repeats a few times "FREE THE THREE". In the middle of the song he says "you failed to do your job..." and "you lie, you lie, you lie, you lie they pay, they pay, they pay." Basically the cops were being paid to lie about the murder and cover it up with their "superstitions".

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