Fredro Starr Albums

  • Don't Get Mad, Get Money Album (5/19/2003)
    Get Money
    Just Like That
    California Girls
    Finer Things
    That's The Way We Roll
    All Out
    My Timbalands
    Illa Than Y'all
    Where Is The Love

  • Firestarr Album (1/23/2001)
    Comin' At The Game
    Dyin' 4 Rap
    What If
    Thug Warz
    Perfect Bitch
    Electric Ice - Featuring X1 And Mieva
    Who Fuck Betta
    Big Shots - Featuring Sin
    One Night - Featuring Begetz, Versatile, Ice T
    Dat Be Dem
    Dyin' 4 Rap - Featuring Capone-N-Noreaga, Noble, Cuban Link
    I Don't Wanna... - Featuring Aaron Hall
    America's Most
    Shining Through (Bonus Track)

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