Freddie Hart Lyrics

Instruments: Vocals, Songwriter
Date of Birth: December 21,1926
Place of Birth: Lochapoka, Alabama

Born Fred Segrest, Hart was one of 15 children of
sharecropper parents. He had to grow up quickly, at the age
of five he began playing the guitar, by age 12 he had quit
school and started working for his parents. At age 15, with
the outbreak of World War II, he lied about his age and
joined the Marine Corps., seeing action at both Guam and
Iwo Jima. While in the military, Hart developed an interest
in the martial arts, earning Black More...

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Review about Freddie Hart songs
A few corrections | Reviewer: Jim Dale
    ------ About the song Cravin' performed by Freddie Hart

As one of the writers, I thought you would like to have the lyrics corrected......
The first correction is "your love REACHED deep inside of me and my heart and soul you found." Not your love IS deep inside of me......
The second is "now I'm just like a lonesome PINE that stands on shaky ground" and not just like a lonesome GUY that stands on shaky ground.

I thought you would like to have them corrected.........

Summer of 71 Memory | Reviewer: Doug
    ------ About the song Easy Lovin' performed by Freddie Hart

First time I heard this song I was visitng my grandparents in Milton Florida, summer of 1971. I was 12 at the time and went and bought the 45 when I returned to Poway California two weeks later. Still have the 45 in my collection.

I love to play on the guitar. My singing is nowhere near as good but what the heck.

I'm more of a rocker, but have always loved this song.

The wall | Reviewer: Rene Beland
    ------ About the song Wall performed by Freddie Hart

I've been loving Freddie Hart since the 50s. I was young, of course. The song I still listen to is "The Wall". I have it and keep it very preciously. Thanks to my older brother. It is a simple and well written song. Esay to learn and to sing. Usually I don't really like country/western music. But this guy got something I just can't define yet.
Do I really need to?

Many thanks to Mr Hart. And love.

Rene Beland
Quebec, Canada.

special child hood memores | Reviewer: lisa
    ------ About the song Easy Lovin' performed by Freddie Hart

this song has a special meaning for me i grow up with country music in our home.when i was a young girl this song came i did not care for a long time i did not understand it. i all ways told my mom that if anything happend to her i would play it at her resting place we lost her on April 28. 08 o told her that i had found the song right before she passed away the day we laid her to rest we played that song for her i know that she was in heaven looking down on us and she has her wings on her shoulders we miss her but i can thank about that song an know that she is in a better place love u mom lisa

Re: Gets No Better Than This | Reviewer: Wm M Danner
    ------ About the song Easy Lovin' performed by Freddie Hart

Dear Anonymous,
I guess that makes two of us who feel the same way about this song and how it relates to our feelings toward our late wives. Change your 32 years to my 35 and your Jeannie to my Janet, and your comment can be claimed by me. My Janet was released into infinity to go home to our Lord, 28 March 2007. Today, 08 January 2008, would have been our 36th wedding anniversary. My love too goes into infinity for the one who I know I will see and be with again. - Wm M Danner

Love this song | Reviewer: HOUNDDAWG
    ------ About the song Easy Lovin' performed by Freddie Hart

One of the truly great country classics. Freddy's voice was perfect for the song, and the music and mix is out of this world.

I wish I could have played on that recording session, or even to have just been there when this tune was put in the can!

GETS NO BETTER THAN THIS | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Easy Lovin' performed by Freddie Hart

I can only say thank you freddie for making me fall in love with the girl who i have been loving for 32 years ..... every time i hear it, the tears flood my eyes ...... tears of joy with the memory of us two dancing to that same song for hours on end ........ Jeannie ...... upon your pretty shoulders is a pair of angel wings and we will soon be together again in heaven ..... thank you Freddie Hart ....... I rate this song to a score of infinity

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