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It is often said that actions speak louder than words … yet
in some cases it’s the words you speak that can cause life
changing actions. SPEAK THOSE THINGS … a 3-word command, a
simple statement and the powerful title to FRED HAMMOND’s
upcoming new solo album.

To speak those things, is to literally speak life into
situations that bring about death and decrease. “By
speaking life into your problems,” said Hammond, “You allow
God to hear you and God will show you the solutions. That
is the attitude of this album.”

Hammond’s, “SPEAK More...

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Review about Fred Hammond songs
Lyric Correction | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song You Are My Song performed by Fred Hammond

I spotted an error in the lyrics..... It goes " no other song compares to you, no other phrase rings strong and true, your spirit speaks peace to my soul..........' and this was from the lyrics sheet....Thanks

Jezus is real | Reviewer: Urria pllllll
    ------ About the song Bread Of Life performed by Fred Hammond

Every time i hear this Song i feel like i'm in heaven.its a blessing for makes me think deeply about the death of our Lord Jesus Christ.its truthly a blessing.go on fred ,you are blessed

Wonderful Worship Song. | Reviewer: Richard R.Bono Jr
    ------ About the song Be Magnified performed by Fred Hammond

This Song Is The Best Worship Song.The First Time I Listen To This Song I Replayed It Because I Wanted It To Be In My Heart Every Time I Feel Like Worshiping My Creator (God).May God Bless The Writer And The Preson Who Sang It.

Anoited anointed anointed extremely anointed | Reviewer: laula
    ------ About the song Here In Our Praise performed by Fred Hammond

I absolutely love the song bcos the spirit of God just flows tru ur voices. Thank u lord for these anointed men. Love u fred have always loved ur music. U light up my life with ur music. Keep doing wat u do cos u extremely good!!

bread of life | Reviewer: apostle chidindu james
    ------ About the song Bread Of Life performed by Fred Hammond

This song is highly inspiring, the lyrics are scriptural, the harmony very fine and the singing anointed, it ushers me to the throne of HIS glory each time I do the song, beloved, Fred, remain in the oasis of of His glory, U are lifted.

Jesus indeed, is the bread of life | Reviewer: Rexford A. Joseph(Barjonah)
    ------ About the song Bread Of Life performed by Fred Hammond

All thanks to God who has put such a Heavenly words in an earthen vessel to revive n inspire his church. Bro Fred,thanks for availing yorself,still keep in touch with de Holy Spirit nd download more inspirations from above to revive the church. I'm really moved by yor song.

Song from heaven | Reviewer: VIVIAN ANYASO
    ------ About the song Bread Of Life performed by Fred Hammond

i love this song! it's over a decade since this song has been composed yet the Holyspirit keeps bringing dis song into my spirit. It blesses my soul so much that it gets me lifted and makes me speak in tongues. It shows that it is is song that is truly made from heaven. Jesus himself gave this song to Fred. my prayer for you (Fred) is that you will see Him face to face even as He is and stand blameless before Him. Amen.

He`s awesome God | Reviewer: Rosie Smith
    ------ About the song Be Magnified performed by Fred Hammond

God is awesome God, every time i sang this song my soul is richly bless this is my confession to God. Lord if there any secret fault inside of me please wash them away so that can you be magnified in my life

My heart's song | Reviewer: Asia Bryant
    ------ About the song Please Don't Pass Me By performed by Fred Hammond

Like so many others I've loved this song for so long. I grew up on it and its funny how you get away from these throwbacks and how they touch you to your core. The lyrics speak to a yearning soul as is mines. "Please don't pass me by" "I'm not ashamed to tell you I need you in my life". "Might not be worth much, but i'm still willing" Jesus! SMH, if that doesnt touch you! No matter where I am or what I'm doing whenever I hear it I just wanna drop to my knees, throw my head back, and cry out. God bless Mr. Hammond for this amazing annointed song!

Thankful for Being Blessed | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Blessed performed by Fred Hammond

I heard this song on the Parkers where Fred Hammond did a guest appearance and the song "Blessed" was so inspiring. Being blessed is a gift from God we must cherish and be thankful for His b;essing.

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