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It is often said that actions speak louder than words … yet in some cases it’s the words you speak that can cause life changing actions. SPEAK THOSE THINGS … a 3-word command, a simple statement and the powerful title to FRED HAMMOND’s upcoming new solo album.

To speak those things, is to literally speak life into situations that bring about death and decrease. “By speaking life into your problems,” said Hammond, “You allow God to hear you and God will show you the solutions. That is the attitude of this album.”

Hammond’s, “SPEAK THOSE THINGS: POL Chapter 3” addresses who God is and what He can do in our lives. It is no departure from the now “duplicated” ‘Hammond signature’ of urban praise and worship, but the approach of the album is focused on the worshipper calling on the Lord, praising Him, knowing Him and desiring to be closer to Him. It is 15-tracks of high-impact praise & Gospel music that is aimed at changing lives and bringing about solutions.

In the aftermath of last September, Hammond recalls seeking God and seeing Him work in all situations. “In the midst of misery and hopelessness, we have to see where God is and trusting that His hand is in everything around us.” Pointedly conveying this message; and in only a way that Hammond can, is the compelling song “Show Yourself Strong.”

Directly inspired by what he saw happening around him, “America rallied together and everywhere people began to pray. This song is calling out to God … ‘Oh, Lord we’re calling you, show yourself strong’,” said Hammond. “People everywhere began to pray and there was a time and need for prayer … I was just thinking, we need you now God, if we’ve ever needed you before we need you now.”

Song after song the album serves as a reminder to turn to God no matter what the situation. “Praise Him Through The Night,” a direct message to praise God even in the middle of adversity. “My focus is on praise & worship in the middle of the fight,” said Hammond. “Even in the toughest of times, God is always around somewhere, and I will continue to praise to Him.” Lyrically, it is a beautiful ballad that brings about a sense of peace that supports the message that it is through praise and worship, that we rebuild our strength.

In distinctive Fred Hammond fashion, the album kicks off in high gear with 2 slammin’ praise & worship cuts. Like a 1-2 punch, “You Are My Daily Bread,” and “Lord of the Harvest,” contains that signature feel and sound that has positioned Hammond as one of Gospel music’s most successful hit makers. Dynamic, powerful and vibrant, the songs defy any listener to stay in their seats.

The feelings of encouragement and healing are palpable throughout this CD, from the collaborative “Song of Strength,” featuring the F.Hammond Music family (Joann Rosario, The Singletons and Shea Norman); to the smooth sounding “I Will Say,” which verbalize the albums’ entire theme.

Once again, teaming up with writer Kim Rutherford, Hammond hopes to capture the successful chemistry they shared on the enormously popular “Pages of Life: Chapters I & II.” The album’s title pays homage to their writing partnership, “POL stands for Pages of Life,” explains Hammond, “and I felt the same synergy with Kim, on this album as I did then … I also knew she would be very instrumental in helping to capture the essence of this project.” Hammond & Rutherford joined forces on such key cuts as “That Ain’t Nothin,” and “Show Me Your Face.” The latter, “Show Me Your Face,” is an R&B flava’d emotion-filled ballad that seeks a closer and unequivocal relationship with God.

The album includes a blazing collaboration with super-hot producer Warryn “Baby Dubb” Campbell. “Great,” featuring Mary Mary, declares God’s greatness. “As soon as I heard the track I wrote the song … I immediately felt it … I had to talk about all the great things God has done for us … there is no problem too great because God is greater,” said Hammond. “Plus Warryn is a phenomenal talent and we’d been trying to get together for a while. This was the perfect opportunity for all of us to come together… their contribution definitely brings a new and exciting element to the project.”

Other jams on the album are “My, My, My God Is Good,” where Hammond brings a funky track, wrapped around a little hip-hop flava. “It is a straightforward praise of God’s goodness,” said Hammond. And “That Ain’t Nothing” which completes the album, as it began … on a high, upbeat and joyous note.

Complementing the upbeat praise selections is a number of worship ballads that address the boundlessness and wonder of who God is. “You Are My Life,” and “He Is Not Just A Man,” both proclaim the wonder of His vastness and that He is truly everything.

Already a Platinum selling artist, Hammond has toured around the world and blessed thousands, his reach continues to grow as he progressively moves into a number of different arenas. Not only is he CEO of his own record label, F. Hammond Music, he has broadened his community outreach. Having been blessed with a number of motorcycles, Hammond and his crew literally use them as vehicles of street ministry. Hitting the roads in an effort to reach out to different people, they have formed their own evangelizing ‘mini-motorcycle club.’ “People tend to believe that recreational outlets like these are only for the world,” said Hammond. “This [motorcycles] gives us an opportunity to hit the streets and show the world that serving God can still be fun … and allows us to minister to those people who wouldn’t normally go to church.”

“SPEAK THOSE THINGS, POL: CHAPTER 3” will hit stores everywhere September 10, 2002

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Oh what a blessing you have been Fred Hammond | Reviewer: Wilson Emmanuel | 3/15/13

Prior to this time for me as a vocalist, your voice texture was an intimidation for me, until I learnt I must not sing Fred's songs like Fred but like Wilson.
You've been such a blessing to my life, the song "Lord how I love you" makes me weep, am a God lover, but my limitations in loving Him perfectly makes me feel unworthy, but I understand He's made me worthy because your song "Bread of Life" made also understand the depth of His love for me, cos He is King, but He had to come as a Carpenter to get me, to show far&lowly He could get for just me. "He is not just a man" is another song I can NEVER stop listening to,. Oh what a blessing you are to me Fred, I love you& look forward to meet you 1day.

to a mentor | Reviewer: olaoye oladele | 6/24/12

to the great man of God and gospel singer.FRED unspeakable enclose my hearth any time i listen to BREAD OF LIFE which make me to bust to tears that,what a powerful song is this.fred,we might not seen each other now but i do belief later or sooner we will see each other in eternity where we part no more!

Radical for Christ | Reviewer: DeAngela Sims | 10/27/11

I was looking for a song that changed my life back in 1995 It was sung by a group called Radical for christ I believe but the song was a Proverbs 31 woman and it was a soft slow rap song and it literally changed my life . I cant seem to find it any where I thought Radical for Christ sung it .

Helo pastor fred.Softouch piano ppl cal me my name is lanre | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/11

My mentor in music,u'v realy touch nt önly my life,ministry and my family bt of course my touch on piano.I was listening to one of your songs 'when you praise'infact i never knew when i startd touching notes i'v nt done before.Thank God for ministers like u i hope u wil see my message im posting coz i'l realy want 2be part of ur ministry by bein a supportive hands in my best capability.My email lanretunde12saint@yahoo.Com. Or 8030734796 frm nigeria

Praise and worship God | Reviewer: June Smith | 3/4/10

I love you Fred Hammond, because you minister to me of God's love for me and remind me when i struggle sometimes to praise him through trials that he is more than worthy to be praised and i feel so much more love for God when i hear you sing. You really have passion for God and I love that about you. You have the annointing and you bring it into my home. Godbless your continious walk with the Lord, Fred Hammond and keep ministering, I love your way.

Wow! | Reviewer: Desiree | 7/24/09

I would just like to say thank God Almighty for a dear friend that intruduced me to your music.It is so refreshing and uplifting - a direct way of knowing,praising,calling and loving God with all that one has. You are such a fresh breath of air when it comes to gospel music - I love it and I love you and may God bless you for the work you do

awesome singer | Reviewer: Ashwayne Barrett | 7/23/08

What can i so about Fred he so great the way he sing is just great he just know how touch people through is song not every singer can do that. you have to be appointed by God and anointed and not a lot of musicans have O well keep on doing wat you are doing and God bless and hve urself a bless on big .All Ways R emember Faith in God Can Move Mountians Out of ur life .Ashwayne from Tornoto canada

I love You because of your love for God! | Reviewer: | 7/15/08

Im new to your music but not music in general and I' ve never in my life heard such passion from a person in or out of the faith. Sometimes when I am listening to your music, I can hear you exposing me; my life, my troubles ,my pains,my joys and hope in Christ Jesus. Your God, your Lord and Father is close to you. I m so glad you live for Him; and it will be alright soon with you.

Will you please, just keep on singing your love songs and your songs of His love, just the way you do it too; your work is excellent and I never get enough!
Your Blessed but you don't need me to tell you that Fred Hammond, David on Earth

revelation music | Reviewer: Deahdra Chambers | 7/6/08

Hello Minister Hammond, I want to first thank God for the annointing He has placed on your life. It is wonderful that you did not allow fear to come in and destroy the vision God planned for you. I am a fan of your music because you sing the word of God. Because of this the music has brought forth deliverance and instills victory in Gods people. Continue to do things Gods way. Don't allow yourself to be influenced by the thoughts and opinions of man or this worlds system. God bless you and continue to prosper in the works of the Lord.



A Blessing | Reviewer: Felecia Thomas | 2/27/08

I just just want to let you know that you have been a blessing to me. I just love your music. Every song that you have put on all of your CD's have been a blessing to me. I have them all. Thank you for taking the time to write and produce and just follow God. You are my favorite artist. Again thank you. You are truly a blessing to the world.

Anointed & Appointed... | Reviewer: Minister Cerrita | 8/16/07

Honorable Man of God,

I fell that your cd "Free To Worship" is a cd that touches the core of my spirit, there is such a prophetic connection when I listen and meditate with that cd. God speaks to me so profoundly and reveals himself to me so powerful during his time. Thank You for being obedient to the Will and the Way that God has set for your life, pray for me and I will pray for you.

Blessing and Honor to you

Minister Cerrita

hello!!!!!! | Reviewer: Milly | 7/18/07

i just want to say thank you - you are a great blessing and inspiration. Thank you for what you're doing and keep on doing it. your music is blessed and always keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. i'm from Cape Town, South Africa and i am really inspired by your success given by God. my motto always is - if you can make it, i can. here in the SA we have many young people who chooses to move from the Gospel scene to secular because they believe that there's nothing really in it. but i know that the God you serve is the same God i serve, therefore i know in due time there wil be a reaping

Please pray for the young people of South Africa as there is much talent amongst us, and satan has no other plan but to rob and destroy their lives. In this their talent gets wasted.

keep on praising God as you always do.
ps. your Free to Worship DVD is the best!!
God bless

What God has for me is for Me. | Reviewer: Minister Cerrita | 7/16/07

To the Honorable Fred Hammond, First I would like to thank God for the gift he has so graciously given you to turn words into spirit. Thank you for being a willing and obedient servant to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and letting him use you to bring life to the songs that you sing causing us to be healed, delivered and set free. Man of God the Lord gave me a song as I was in the spirit on the Lord's Day and it's got your name on it, if the Lord say the same and this agrees with your spirit then I would love to send it to the rightful owner.


PRAYERS TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: R.P.M. | 5/29/07

Hello Rev.,
I just would like to say that, everyone of your talented inspirations have ministered to my soul. I have never in my walk with JESUS CHRIST have felt so close to him. Please don't get me wrong, I'm in my word daily but, I have learn through your music, that when I praise, it invites the HOLY SPIRIT to come in. "I love that thang right there". After that, my mind, heart and soul is ready for FOOD. I just want to thank you for all of your prayers for me. I will continue to pray for you and Bre` that GOD will BLESS and Keep you and your family in his hands. "DON'T LET GO".

Your Sister In Christ,


P.S Please respond to this, so I'll know if everything is good!!!!!!

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