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Murs Freak These Tales Lyrics

Last updated: 04/06/2012 04:03:21 AM

[Verse 1]
First let me ask for forgiveness since I might go to hell
But I’m addicted to these girls, the way they fuck, feel, smell
And I’ve been around the world, in and out of hotels
Now I’m finally off tour, got some stories to tell
It all started with Mell, my first time doin it
Nervous couldn’t speak, I was scared I might ruin it
Something like a pro, she knew how to take it slow
Knew one false move and I could fuck around and blow
So I went with the flow, it went better than I planned
Finally found something better than cumin in my hand
They say you come first the first time, now I understand
I came once inside if her, then I became a man
The next couple times weren’t quite that memorable
Tamika, man she must of thought I was pitiful
Bustin after two minutes, I thought that shit was typical
That’s probably why they never got back at a nigga so

Once upon a time in a land around the way
There lived a couple girls that would never give me play
Used to wear tight shirts and shorts skirts everyday
Everytime I tried to hit it, they say no way
Until one fine day, in this land of LA
One finally slipped up and she let me have my way
She kinda turned me out, changed my life I must say
Cuz I haven’t stopped chasin these broads to this day

[Verse 2]
Now at a city walk I met this itty bitty bitch
About four seven, hmm, four eleven with a switch
And lets just say, well I think I got it backwards, but big things do come good in small packages
As for actresses, In L.A there's so many,
Let me tell you bout this freak named small town Jenny
After bad auditions, she was guaranteed to hit me
To fuck her on her break while she was waitressing at Denny’s
Now there was Jody, female MC,
We talked most of the night about the M I C
When it was time for us to get down to B I Z
She let me stick it straight in her asshole, lyrically
I love chicks on E
That you meet up at these raves, they use it as an excuse for them to misbehave
I met Rachel in the corner all emotional and mushy
Put my dick on her tongue, glow stick in her pussy


[Verse 3]
Alright I had a dancer named Candy stripper chick
Said she only had to dance to get her family out of fix
Fine as hell, but the bitch made me sick
Cuz after datin two months she would still make me tip
I know a female Mexicana by the name of Illiana
She like some dickies and wife beater, not pajamas
Caught her with another dude, poppin up by a casa,
But I keep on the team just to represent la raza
Now Lesbian Liz, hasn’t called a lot lately
She love to lick the Legends but she also love the ladies
I had to let her go before she led me to crazy,
She was lousy in the sac, laidback and hella lazy
A couple weeks back, it was all about Laretta,
Straight up hood rat, always beggin me for cheddar
Had to keep her hair did, and her manicure as well
But im fuckin the Korean broad that used to do her nails

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