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Some time around the end of 2001, Bob was sitting in Alex's
kitchen. Alex had just been given a bass by his friend
Mick, on the condition that he did 'something useful' with

"Do you want to learn to play the bass then, Bob?"
"No, I'm an artist, not a musician."
"It's the same thing."
"OK then."

So Bob learned the bass and they planned a band. It had to
be something big. Bob wanted it to be on the level of Field
Marshall Haig's tears that fell as he counted the
statistics of the men he had sent over the top. Alex wanted
to More...

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Review about Franz Ferdinand songs
My Michael | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Michael performed by Franz Ferdinand

I've always loved how catchy and danceable this song is ... recently the name Michael just meant a whole new thing to me ... something I never thought I'll be thinking about ... something thats scary ... yet I can't help but to think about it ... Michael ... my Michael, one day he'll make me wanna moan to have you ... and I can't wait to want you .... I love you, my Desmond ...

I love Margareta | Reviewer: R
    ------ About the song Love & Destroy performed by Franz Ferdinand

I've loved Margareta since the start when I first met her. She's amazing! She's the lady I want to marry and love for the rest of our lives. I've messed it up so much recently, I just pray she'll understand and listen to me. My heart is true and only for her.
R xxx
From London with Love

United Kingdom | Reviewer: Braille
    ------ About the song Walk Away performed by Franz Ferdinand

Hey, Anon, you realise that Scotland is PART of the UK, right? So are Northern Ireland and Wales. It's the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Scotland is somewhere between a third and a quarter of Great Britain whose space it shares with England and Wales.

A message from your friendly neighborhood spiderman, | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Darts Of Pleasure performed by Franz Ferdinand

In the German language, heissen is the verb for "to be called." It's one of the first verbs you learn in any German class you take. Ich heisse is not "I am" but "I am called." Thusly, the literal translation is "I am called super fantastic." But of course, translation doesn't always operate literally. You could roughly approximate "I am super fantastic" but there is a completely separate verb for that - sein. The sentence would become "Ich bin Superphantastisch."

As for the "PHantastisch" versus "Fantastisch" mess -- in my experience both are correct. It's actually a regional/dialect difference, not a spelling mistake.

I've studied German for five years, and I do make mistakes, but I think I have enough of a foundation to work out a simple subject-verb-agreement sentence with some correctness.

Hope that helped. :)

Warfull love | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love & Destroy performed by Franz Ferdinand

Titel-WARFULL LOVE . I.......... am very lonly and sad because my love is lover was gilty to my love distroy but i am not sadfull careless boy. You don't fear owr distroy love you war to sad thouts you create happy and new creat life filling you don't miss your distroyed and heatfull are great because you degaqrus enimy distroyed it. Thank you .NARENDRA MHASE T.Y.B.A. (English) pravranagar

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Michael performed by Franz Ferdinand

This song makes me wanna get up and dance! It's a catchy song with a great beat! Maybe it's about a gay person. Who cares? I love the song because of the song, not the sexual orientation of the person it's being sung about. They can do what they like to who they like - but there's a damn fine song about them and I LOVE IT! :)

sounds like ... I love her so much but will not | Reviewer: arthur lonneux
    ------ About the song Auf Achse performed by Franz Ferdinand

This song is really awesome
I can't believe how this song is telling every things I would like to say her...Really great instrumentals ... Great lyrics and great felling of love ...
I love this song so much ...

i liked a michael | Reviewer: nic
    ------ About the song Michael performed by Franz Ferdinand

and when i heard this song i was like HELL YES.
i love this song its so fun to dance to who cares if this is a total gay song it ROCKS!
even being gay doesn't matter!!
love love love love love.
this song is the best and even tho im a girl i still connect to it cuz i find a guy named michael very sexy.
hahaha oh yeah man, fuck yes.

Great song. | Reviewer: Geoff
    ------ About the song Shopping For Blood performed by Franz Ferdinand

I too am very let down it wasn't on any of their CDs to date. For those who don't like the song...each to own...but I liked them addressing the "new Scottish Gentry." Anglified vowels/Sub London thoughts is a great verse. I suppose only some people would understand what it means, though. :)

Take me out | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Take Me Out performed by Franz Ferdinand

I was lucky enough to see them live recently. Before they played this song, they explained the meaning behind it.

The band itself is named after the Austrian aristocrat who was assassinated. This ultimately lead to the outbreak of World War One. Archduke Ferdinand and his wife were driving when they were attacked; they were both shot at the same time more or less. The song details the moments between his wife being shot and his ultimate death. In his mind, he might as well be dead. That who he loves has been taken away from him, hence the phrase, "Come on, take me out." The murder of his wife leads to much internal conflict; what is the point in living when you cannot share the best of times with loved ones? The murder of Ferdinand's wife leave him "broken." He definitively concedes to the terrible outcome that has been placed upon him; "shattered I lie."

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