Frankie J. Albums

  • Courage Album (12/7/2011)
    Courage Interlude
    How Beautiful You Are
    And I Had You There
    Tears Of A Clown
    What If
    That's Wussup
    Why Can't We Fall In Love
    When Love Rings Your Bell
    Dancin' Around

  • Priceless Album (10/17/2006)
    That Girl
    Never Let You Down
    Daddy's Little Girl
    If He Can't Be
    Say Something
    Hurry Up
    Is This What You Call Love?
    Top Of The Line
    I Ain't Trippin'
    Where Did Our Love Go?

  • Un Nuevo Dia Album (6/13/2006)
    Un Nuevo Dia
    Pensando En Ti
    Por Favor
    Amor De Verdad
    Estar A Tu Lado
    Obsession (No Es Amor)
    Tu Eres Mi Hogar
    Aun Te Amo
    Como Aceptar
    Mucho Mas

  • The One Album (3/22/2005)
    Obsession (No Es Amor)
    The One
    How To Deal
    Without You
    On The Floor
    Story Of My Life
    #1 Fan
    Just Can't Say It's Love
    In The Moment
    Don't Wanna Try
    Suga Suga
    Obsession (No Es Amor) (Spanish Version)

  • What's a Man to Do Album (5/27/2003)

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    Reviews about Frankie J. albums

    Andrea | Reviewer: e
        ------ About the album The One performed by Frankie J.

    Ma, you got the wrong artist - Frankie J does not sing "If I had you"... it's Frankie(alone)... yeah, this is old so either you figured it out or you are still trying to find the album or gave up looking because two years ago you didn;t know what you were talking about.

    Sensual!! | Reviewer: Andrea
        ------ About the album The One performed by Frankie J.

    Besides the fact that this man is full of sexual magnatism he can blow with the best of them. His lyrics and voice are crazy soulful. I have never been a fanatic over any singer/rapper except for Tupac but this man has my heart!! "If I had you" is one of my I know they took the musical part of it from one of the old slow jams. Frankie does not just cater to the ladies but also to the men looking for a romanic night at home with his lady. There is some good love making music here!! Get it!!

    whats aman to do | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album What's a Man to Do performed by Frankie J.

    this cd is the best .fankie has such beautiful songs.

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