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Franki Love Biography

Last updated: 10/17/2011

"My soul needs music all day, every day," singer/songwriter Franki Love explains. "Music is how I express myself and my mission in life to is to spread inspiration to others through my songs."

Love, a native New Yorker and classically trained pianist since age four, followed her passion to Los Angeles and made her name playing in coffee houses. She attracted the attention of other performers and producers, and composed music for American History X director Tony Kaye on various projects. The opening and closing credits of Media.Vision's video game, Wild Arms 4, are sung by Love.

Quickly earning a reputation as a songstress with her independently released debut album Franki Love in 2007, Love was named Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year by the Los Angeles Music Awards. The accolades didn't end there and the acclaim from critics continued to roll in for her debut album's tracks. "Love Like it's Never Gonna Hurt" was featured as a Best Song of the Month on "Shadow" won Adult Contemporary Song of the Year at the L.A. Music Awards, was named one of the Billboard World Song Contest's Top 100 Songs, and (with "Bloom") was awarded Best Song by The music video for "Shadow" was listed on the Grammy Awards ballot in 2011 and was a nominee for "Best Music Video" at the Hollywood Film Festival.

Despite her rising star, Love's also found time to give back by donating her time and effort to Soldiers' Angels, a nonprofit organization providing aid and comfort to the family members of American servicemen and women.

Her second album, entitled NOW IS THE TIME, was partly funded by her fans through and contributions exceeded expectations.

NOW IS THE TIME will features two tracks produced by Warren Huart, whose previous credits include songs by James Blunt, The Fray and Matisyahu. Franki is now touring the US: NY, L.A., SAN FRANCISCO promoting her music and is collaborating with new producers for new releases soon.


Shadow named "hit" song - BILLBOARD WORLD SONG CONTEST
Shadow music video - nominated as Best Music Video at The Hollywood Film Festival
Adult Contemporary Single of the Year for Shadow - L.A. Music Awards
Female singer/songwriter of the year - L.A. Music Awards
“Popular Songwriter Award”, ASCAP
Song of the month, Love Like Its Never Gonna Hurt,