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Blood On The Dance Floor Frankenstein + The Bride Lyrics

Last updated: 06/19/2012 12:00:00 PM

Take love
And multiply it by infinity
And take it to the depths of forever
And you would still only have a glimpse
Of how I feel for you
Love was created from spare parts
A mad man's brains and a loving man's heart
You took my breathe away
When I saw you on that day
One look into her eyes
Can kickstart a deadman's heart

You leave me electrify
Your love brings me back to life

It's alive, it's alive
This burning love deep inside
I'll be your bride, you'll be my Frankenstein
You and I
'Til we die
Our 3's will always survive
Oh monster
My monster
The only one that sees me

I didn't ever mean to make you cry
When I saw you I felt so terrified
Sudden life and monsters by my side
Well, can't you see how it looked
through my eyes

You leave me electrify
Your love brings me back to life

I need you
You need me
You totally complete me

Save me from my solitude
Say you want me with you
Where you are, I am too
Love me, this I ask of you

The only one who sees me for who I truly am

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