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Frank Zappa was one of the great iconoclastic musicians of
the 20th Century. He was born in 1940 in Baltimore where
his Sicilian-born, Greek-Arab meteorologist father was
employed by an arsenal that manufactured poison gas during
World War II. The Zappa family eventually settled in
Lancaster, Calif., a Mohave Desert town Frank called a
cultural wasteland. Ironically, it was here, during his
high school years, that Zappa's interest in outlandish
combinations of music bloomed. He formed an R&B group
called the Blackouts, he bought More...

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From Gitmo to Auschwitz to G8Genoa to Gulag | Reviewer: Arfboy
    ------ About the song The Torture Never Stops performed by Frank Zappa

Frank ... did he try depicting a typical torture venue? Was he trying to entertain in the anglo-saxon style? Was he describing something he experienced in first person? Inquisition trial? Thing is human beings are the worst beings on earth, worse than the ugliest predator. We practice torture, daily, everywhere. And this just a song. In my opinion one of the best, straight from his special social observatory. Love to Frank. Let him be happy where he is.

rip frank zappa you will be missed | Reviewer: gt
    ------ About the song Joe's Garage performed by Frank Zappa

joes garage was an inspiration to generations of american citizens
trying to understand our gov't's wars and our gov't's repression of civil rights here at home.Frank Zappa: finally, a voice that made sense and who could combat the extremists on almost every point. the man spoke elegantly and articulately at the congressional hearings on music obscenity , and devastated the conservatives.... alas...cancer silenced at a young age, but his music and interviews live on! I suggest we all examine what he gifted to us ,

, as a former free people.....thanks

What a genius and so current. The world would be better with him. | Reviewer: NOEL
    ------ About the song Dummy Up performed by Frank Zappa

The full and good madness of creation ... The Roxy album is a masterpiece. Those were magic moments ... as it is the same for some interpretations of Mozart (ie: Don Giovanni by Carlos Maria Giulini - EMI 1959 or The Marriage of Figaro by Erich Kleiber - DECCA 1955). Moments of greatness of the human species ... very rare in a man's life

lyrics are wrong | Reviewer: ray
    ------ About the song Sofa #2 performed by Frank Zappa

The German lyrics printed here are not correct
for example
Ich bin alle tage und woerter... Ich bin alle tage und woerter,... etc....
Ich bin alle alle laute
I am all days and all words
I am everyone

why are you still asking me this? | Reviewer: there is no fucking lyrics for this part of the song, man
    ------ About the song Take Your Clothes Off performed by Frank Zappa

i already said it in the Your Name box, man, this is nonsense, they make people waste their minutes writing this and you dont even care about whether they want to put their email and names and even A TITLE FOR THE FUCKING REVIEW!!! and then you ask them to "submit"... yeah, well, ill click it just cause i got nothing better to do, right? but your site is really great, i always look for lyrics round here

just like a drug (suppose) | Reviewer: whatever
    ------ About the song Lumpy Gravy I performed by Frank Zappa

man this song is so fucking great, its just like a drug for me, like, for a month or something, i could barely get to sleep if i didnt listen to lumpy gravy, id have nightmares and stuff, so i had it like three times in a row, non stop, the whole half-hour... and it hasn't changed much, you know

One of the Greatest Sex Songs Ever Written and Recorded | Reviewer: Mark Donaghey
    ------ About the song Dinah-Moe-Hum performed by Frank Zappa

Listen and love it! This song needs no introduction or apologies. One of the greatest kinky sex songs ever conceived, and performed by this great band at their best, without doubt one of the funkiest songs ever by a white band. Go out and buy the record: "Over-nite Sensation" Long Live Frank Zappa and the Mothers!

zappa plays zappa | Reviewer: maarten
    ------ About the song The Torture Never Stops performed by Frank Zappa

i'm listening to the torture.. right now in the edition on the zpz album. beatyful; thanks to dweezel vai napoleon and the rest this song really ads something to the leggacy of frank. thanks for the 'return of the son of the master; dweezel; i'can't wait for yors to tour europe again.... soon!!!!

Wag the Fido (On a Lighter Note...) | Reviewer: Dog Gone, God Done
    ------ About the song Stink Foot performed by Frank Zappa

I doubt that Frank Ever thought about all this academic tail-chasing (although maybe Fido did in his spare time)

This is, to use a word I can just hear Frank saying, preposterous -- nearly as funny and ridiculous as The Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play, which it sounds like you may have been reading.

But, What the Fuck...why not?

attention earthlings | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lobster Girl performed by Frank Zappa

The Lobster Girl Lyrics are the property of my space and "time" in this universe. Towards the informational illucidation of all spacelings..........print lyrics Internetwise. NO "ONE" owns frank zappa's music-not even frank zappa

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