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I used to be in Million Dead you know... It was a lot of
fun for four years, and then we broke up, which was a real
shame. In the aftermath of years of touring in a hardcore
band, ears still ringing, I decided that I wanted to try my
hand at the lighter end of my music taste for a while, and
follow up my love of all things folk / acoustic / country.
And maybe along the way show that it is possible to write
simple acoustic music without sounding like james blunt,
and whilst retaining some passion, anger, and a sense of

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Correction | Reviewer: indigonine
    ------ About the song Love Ire & Song performed by Frank Turner

Let's be 1905 but not 1917, let's be heroes,
Let's be martyrs, let's be radical thinkers
Who never have to test drive the least of their dreams
Let's divide up the world into the damned and saved
And then ride ino the valley like the old light brigade

She really did | Reviewer: Delilah Mercy
    ------ About the song Thatcher Fucked The Kids performed by Frank Turner

You're missing the point. Thatcher enabled a culture of greed of taking for yourself. She may have offered the 'right to buy' but if you think that was due to any other reason than the Tory party's non-benefit state ideology then you are mistaken. Labour then came to power and with them a more generous welfare state that was handed to people who had been marginalised in an era of materialism and selfishness, they took what they could (as the 'rich' also did and do, but they under a veil of respectability, see the current banking crisis as an example) and a generation later we have the kids who have grown up influenved by their parents, bereft of a sense of inclusion in wider society and with an attitude of take what you can get.

Its not her fault | Reviewer: Imogen
    ------ About the song Thatcher Fucked The Kids performed by Frank Turner

Margaret Thatcher actually made it possible to purchase council houses. This was because she thought that, if people had bought their own property, they would respect it more and, as people who own their own houses tend to be nicer this would encourage nicer, more open communities. It may not babe worked but least she tried. If anything, Frank Turner should actually be blaming the Labor party

not really, not really.... | Reviewer: Harriieee
    ------ About the song Thatcher Fucked The Kids performed by Frank Turner

You're the one who's missed the point. Its not about the quote, it's about the policies behind the quote, which meant that, as Frank puts it, a lot of the disadvantaged people ended up as 'fuck-ups'.

Brilliant British artist | Reviewer: Frankturnerfan
    ------ About the song Nashville Tennessee performed by Frank Turner

Frank turner former Million Dead Frontman has really come into his own.. this song was a great sample to show off his talent. he has now realsed his song "long live the queen" which really pulls at the heart strings...

Just Amazing in everything he does...

lols | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Thatcher Fucked The Kids performed by Frank Turner

this song is insanely true. the rich never cared about anybody but themselves. its still the same. thats his message, and yes it was her fault. so you need to get off your high horse and see what its still like for all us that weren't born into riches. hes right. she fucked up everything.

Not really..... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Thatcher Fucked The Kids performed by Frank Turner

It's just an example of woolly logic, and the misuse of the 'society'
quote by the left ever since MT said it. The whole premise of this song
seems to rest on the one quote that there's no such thing as society,
but the quote, if I remember correctly, continued that there are
individuals and groups. The point was that you should be good as an
individual, you can't expect 'society' to do it for you because society
in this sense doesn't exist. It's a perverse kind of logic to conclude
that telling people that they have responsibility to each other as
individuals is 'fucking the kids'...

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