Frank Turner Albums

  • Losing Days Album (9/1/2013)
    Losing Days
    Hits & Mrs
    Longing For The Day
    Who's Got A Match

  • Tape Deck Heart Album (4/23/2013)
    Losing Days
    The Way I Tend To Be
    Plain Sailing Weather
    Good And Gone
    Tell Tale Signs
    Four Simple Words
    Polaroid Picture
    The Fisher King Blues
    Oh Brother
    Broken Piano
    Bonus Tracks
    We Shall Not Overcome
    Wherefore Art Thou Gene Simmons
    Undeveloped Film
    Time Machine
    Cowboy Chords

  • The Second Three Years Album (1/24/2012)
    Sailor's Boots
    Pass It Along
    Rock & Roll Romance
    To Absent Friends
    The Next Round
    Song For Eva Mae
    Balthazar, Impresario
    Mr Richards
    Song To Bob
    Thunder Road
    Barbara Allen
    The Quiet One
    Build Me Up Buttercup
    The Slow Train
    The Greatest Day
    My Poor Friend Me
    On A Plain
    Father's Day
    Last Christmas

  • England Keep My Bones Album (6/6/2011)
    Peggy Sang The Blues
    I Still Believe
    I Am Disappeared
    English Curse
    One Foot Before The Other
    If Ever I Stray
    Wessex Boy
    Nights Become Days
    Glory Hallelujah
    Bonus Tracks
    Song For Eva Mae
    Balthazar, Impresario

  • Rock & Roll Album (12/6/2010)
  • Poetry Of The Deed Album (9/7/2009)
  • The First Three Years Album (12/1/2008)
  • Love Ire & Song Album (3/31/2008)
  • The Real Damage Album (5/7/2007)
  • Sleep Is For The Week Album (1/15/2007)
  • Campire Punkrock Album (5/15/2006)
  • Frank Turner's Demo Album (5/1/2005)

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