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Frank Sinatra has been called the greatest popular singer
of the century. Whether that is true, in a century that
also offers us Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald and many others
is, of course, a matter of personal emotional choice and,
therefore, unknowable. What can be said is that under the
intense and fickle scrutiny of the pop marketplace for
nearly two-thirds of a century, Sinatra's music was in the
air the world breathed and fell out of fashion only long
enough for the deserters either to grow up or recognize
that what was offered More...

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Review about Frank Sinatra songs
Sentimental Journey | Reviewer: Julie Amerman
    ------ About the song Sentimental Journey performed by Frank Sinatra

I have sung this song all my life when we were packing up to start on a trip. Doesn't matter who I was going with, my Mom, my Husband, or friends. I would always sing this song. It brings back memories that I had when traveling with anybody. I love to hit the road, and this song says it all.

Regretting leaving your love...and wanting to come back | Reviewer: JG
    ------ About the song Let Me Try Again performed by Frank Sinatra

Excellent lyrics and wonderful vocal and instrumental arrangements. One of the top expressions of the sadness and longing the heart experiences in such a situation.

Meaningful | Reviewer: Brian
    ------ About the song Cycles performed by Frank Sinatra

My brother played this album frequently when it was released back in the '70s. I never thought about this song until a few years ago when I was laid off the line, "...Friday I got fired." This song perfectly described my life and was comforting during that time of despair and confusion. Thank you Frank.

"Granada" remembered | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Granada performed by Frank Sinatra

"Granada" was one of those very popular, radio-frequented songs which we heard often over station WSAL while I lived in Logansport(Indiana) in the 1950s & '60s. For some reason, it gets overlooked by Frank Sinatra album assemblers--but I always liked its optimistic, pleasant tone; unquestionably, it features an excellent delivery by the "Chairman of the Board." I only re-discovered "Granada" recently on a CD during a record sale, and intend to pass it on to a younger generation who will appreciate its quality. "Granada" lives!

Best musical memories | Reviewer: Jimbo
    ------ About the song Laura performed by Frank Sinatra

Was in Chicago in the early sixties on a business trip.some friends and I stopped at the Palmer house to. hear Errol garner and he played Laura as only his style could do..softer dinner we walked a few blocks and saw George shearing..we requested Laura and were rewarded with his rendition..fabulous memories of a truly one of a kind song..short but oh so sweet..still talking about it...thanks

Mary Jane Morrison | Reviewer: Mary Jane Morrison
    ------ About the song Wave performed by Frank Sinatra

looking for beautiful songs for a wedding this one fits the bill it is one of the most lovely songs ever written why don"t more people sing it come on you new jazz artists ! get with the program

Inspiration for my upcoming musical comedy | Reviewer: John H. Ristine
    ------ About the song Laura performed by Frank Sinatra

That was my father's favorite song. He named his daughter after it. My father transferred to me the feel of the song at a young age, asking me to consider the lyrics, as we would listen to big band music together.
Today, I get the same chills as he did.

Paul Simon / Sting concert tour - 2014 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mrs. Robinson performed by Frank Sinatra

This is the song played by the house as the lights came up after Paul Simon and Sting left the Xcel Center stage last night in St.Paul. How wonderfully horrible after listening to Mr. Simon himself all night!

    ------ About the song I'm In The Mood For Love performed by Frank Sinatra

One Thing about this song anybody can sing it long as your true the message you can slow it down or speed it up it still the same song a 100 years from now we be singing I'm in the mood for Love

Brilliant | Reviewer: Michelle Hart
    ------ About the song I Wish I Were in Love Again performed by Frank Sinatra

Oh my! I am familiar with alot of lyrics (in fact I write professionally) but in my opinion, these lyrics (not to mention the music and the arrangement and OF COURSE Frank Sinatra's voice...are some of the most clever I've ever heard and the "conversations and the flying plates" make me laugh out loud even if I'm alone. I could listen to this song over and over and over.
In fact, I DO!!!!!

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