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Frank Sinatra has been called the greatest popular singer
of the century. Whether that is true, in a century that
also offers us Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald and many others
is, of course, a matter of personal emotional choice and,
therefore, unknowable. What can be said is that under the
intense and fickle scrutiny of the pop marketplace for
nearly two-thirds of a century, Sinatra's music was in the
air the world breathed and fell out of fashion only long
enough for the deserters either to grow up or recognize
that what was offered More...

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Review about Frank Sinatra songs
Inspiration for my upcoming musical comedy | Reviewer: John H. Ristine
    ------ About the song Laura performed by Frank Sinatra

That was my father's favorite song. He named his daughter after it. My father transferred to me the feel of the song at a young age, asking me to consider the lyrics, as we would listen to big band music together.
Today, I get the same chills as he did.

Paul Simon / Sting concert tour - 2014 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mrs. Robinson performed by Frank Sinatra

This is the song played by the house as the lights came up after Paul Simon and Sting left the Xcel Center stage last night in St.Paul. How wonderfully horrible after listening to Mr. Simon himself all night!

    ------ About the song I'm In The Mood For Love performed by Frank Sinatra

One Thing about this song anybody can sing it long as your true the message you can slow it down or speed it up it still the same song a 100 years from now we be singing I'm in the mood for Love

Brilliant | Reviewer: Michelle Hart
    ------ About the song I Wish I Were in Love Again performed by Frank Sinatra

Oh my! I am familiar with alot of lyrics (in fact I write professionally) but in my opinion, these lyrics (not to mention the music and the arrangement and OF COURSE Frank Sinatra's voice...are some of the most clever I've ever heard and the "conversations and the flying plates" make me laugh out loud even if I'm alone. I could listen to this song over and over and over.
In fact, I DO!!!!!

Movie that this song was from | Reviewer: George W. Jr.
    ------ About the song You and Me (We Wanted It All) performed by Frank Sinatra

This song was at the end of Irreconcilable Differences that starred Ryan O'Neil and Shelly Long and a very young Drew Barrymore. I had searched for years also for a copy of this beautiful song penned by none other than Carol Bayer Sager. What a beautiful marriage of writer and singer. One of Frank's finest. I took my Father to see Frank when he was 75 years old. Front row seats at the United Center in Chicago. Don Rickles opened for Frank and Frank Jr. led the orchestra. A memory I will cherish forever. My Dad passed in 2001 so it was 1995 when I last saw Old Blue eyes. There has been a lot of imitators but there will never be another Sinatra or a man like my father. May they both rest in peace. Thank you for a lifetime of memories and songs to put them to.

charliechaos | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Blue Moon performed by Frank Sinatra

Frank did an awesome rendition of this song. Frankly, (no pun intended) I don't know how he would feel about the idea of some gay dudes getting so turned on that they ended up jacking off while listening to it, but I suspect that at the end of the day he would just figure "Whatever floats their boat, their money is as good as anyone elses".

GREATEST LYRIC POEM | Reviewer: William H. Grimball
    ------ About the song More performed by Frank Sinatra

"MORE" is perhaps the greatest lyric poem in the English language. It is composed of one and two syllable words of the simplest kind. The words are some of the oldest in the language. The poem is easily understood by ancient and modern English speaking people and the thought expressed is clear and to the point. The subject matter is one of the most important to people the world over.

Diana | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love Is Blue performed by Frank Sinatra

I still have it going around in my head since a loved one died in June. Although parts of the song don't fit (" jealous heart"), most of it does, and I find it's a comfort in my loss.

I circled back to cycles | Reviewer: Rich Lyons
    ------ About the song Cycles performed by Frank Sinatra

Love this song first heard it when I was 17
I'm 63 now and I haven't heard the song in 30 years
Glad I rediscoverd this song
The wods are so true and Frank sang it like no one else could

i miss these days | Reviewer: full-time Momma
    ------ About the song Wives And Lovers performed by Frank Sinatra

Even as a child of the oh so liberal and feminist '80's, I was raised on this song, and it didn 't do me wrong. After minding a small child all day in my yoga pants,and running around with jelly smudges and Crayola art stains on my shirt, I am more than glad to get all cleaned up in anticipation of Daddy getting home. That 20mins of 'combingthe hair/fixing makeup' really helps me get into the right mindset for an eveninghour that promises conversation about something other than the plots of Nick Jr. !S

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