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Frank Ocean Nostalgia, Ultra Album

Last updated: 02/13/2013 11:07:57 AM

Release Date: 02/18/2011
Tracks in Nostalgia, Ultra: Strawberry Swing, Novacane, We All Try, Bitches Talkin' (Metal Gear Solid), Songs For Women, Lovecrimes, There Will Be Tears, Swim Good, Dust, American Wedding, Nature Feels

Nostalgia, Ultra Album Tracklist

Nostalgia, Ultra. (stylized as "nostalgia, ULTRA.") is the debut mixtape by American artist Frank Ocean, released on February 18, 2011. Ocean was inspired to make the mixtape after he moved to Los Angeles following his hometown being hit by Hurricane Katrina. After joining alternative hip hop group Odd Future at the end of 2009, he self-released the mixtape on February 18, 2011, without initial promotion. It was made downloadable via Ocean's personal blog. The mixtape was noted for its surreal themes, its unique R&B aesthetic and the nostalgic lyrical value. The content mostly focuses on interpersonal relationships, personal reflection and social commentary. Following its release, the mixtape received general acclaim from music critics, receiving an 83% on Metacritic.

In May 2011, Def Jam announced its plans to release tracks from the mixtape as an EP on July 26, 2011. However, the release of the EP was indefinitely delayed in July 2011 and has since been cancelled. Two singles were released from the aborted EP version; "Novacane," and "Swim Good". Both songs received music videos directed by Australian director Nabil Elderkin. "Novacane" received chart success on the Billboard Hot 100 and both singles charted on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Ocean embarked on a solo concert tour through North America and Europe to promote the record, playing a total of 7 shows. Ocean performed both singles and several other songs from Nostalgia, Ultra during his concert tour. In addition, his 2012 performance at the Coachella Musical Festival included several live renditions from the release including "Strawberry Swing" and "LoveCrimes".

The album appeared on several music critics' and publications' end-of-year albums lists, including ones published by Pitchfork Media, Rolling Stone, and The Guardian. Complex named it the second best mixtape of the year. "Novacane" was also listed as one of the best songs of the year by several publications. Recording artist Kanye West was reportedly a fan of the mixtape, which lead to him inviting Ocean to appear on his album Watch the Throne. Subsequently, Ocean collaborated with recording artists Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z after they were introduced to the mixtape through West. Following its release, both Ocean and the mixtape have developed a cult following.

Controversy arose in March of 2011 over the song "American Wedding", a remake of the song "Hotel California" by American rock band Eagles. "American Wedding" samples "Hotel California" and was released for free on a mixtape which was not purchasable, however a spokesman of the band announced that they would file a lawsuit against Ocean if he performed the song live. This caused controversy on whether or not Ocean's version was legal or not. "American Wedding" was widely removed from the internet. The mixtape will be proceeded by the release of Ocean's debut album Channel Orange. From Wikipedia