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It's so relieving
To know that you're leaving as soon as you get paid
It's so relaxing
To hear that you're asking whenever you get your way
It's so soothing
To know that you'll sue me, this is starting to sound the same

I miss the comfort in being sad(x2)
I miss the comfort in being saddd-aaaddd-aaaddd-aaaddd yeah....

In her false witness, we hope you're still with us,
To see if they float or drown
My favorite patient, a display of patience,
Disease-covered Puget Sound
She'll come back as fire, And burn all the liars,
leave a blanket of ash on the ground

I miss the comfort in being sad(x2)
I miss the comfort in being saddd-aaaddd-aaaddd-aaaddd yeah....

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It's so relieving
To know that you're leaving as soon as you get paid
It's so relaxing
To know that you're asking wherever you get your way
It's so soothing
To know that you'll sue me, this is starting to sound the same

I miss the comfort in being sad(x2)
I miss the comfort in being saddd-aaaddd-aaaddd-aaaddd yeah....

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Not a courtney song | Reviewer: Sian | 12/23/13

like scentless apprentice was based on a book kurt liked, this song was probably based on Frances Farmer, an actress from Seattle who was put in a mental institution, complete with all of the torturous "cures" for mental illnesses in the 1940's

in my opinion, the line "i miss the comfort in being sad" shows how to someone with bipolar or depression, you can't imagine feeling "happy"

just my opinion, i think the majority of Kurt's lyrics were just whatever happened to float through his mind

Shadowland | Reviewer: Patrick | 2/8/13

A journalist named William Arnold investigated the truth about Francis Farmer and published his findings in 1978 in a report titled "shadowland". It was found that after a trip to Russia during a time in history when communism was just beginning to take hold of Hollywood, Francis Farmer was taken in and made a star presumably because she was a communist sympathizer and, unlike some actors and actresses of her day she was not. So, as the story goes, Francis was invited to a party, drugged, later pulled over on her way home, and sentenced late that night to a mental institution. All to keep her quiet.

I'm not saying I believe the story, but as a Kurt Cobain fan I would suggest his song would have something to do with that story. For if it is true, she would probably like to have revenge. And Kurt was brilliant and was known to seek source material from books and other interesting places.

My love Kurt cobain my idol Forvever | Reviewer: Kurtlover | 12/8/12

This is an awesome song . I really think that kurt cobain wrote this song based on what he felt for courtney . Cmon guys its obvious "it's so relieving now that your leaving" He thinks that he'll he better off with out her if she just left him alone. Kurt is my idol I F LOVE HIM. Nirvana is my only favorite band.He has inspired me to make a band. He was a unique man with a different way of being. I'll never meet anyone as cool and unique as kurt because he just one of a kind. Forever live Kurt Cobain <3<3<3 he will never be forgotten R.I.P. Kurt Cobain!!!!!!!!!!

Hi end messages | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/12

It's no coincidence that he wrote this as Francis farmer would have seen and on how he saw the world or what he saying. The lirics are hidden in this songs message. He is not saying I miss the comfort of being sad, he is actually yelling " I was to comfortable in being sane" meaning he was to bored being sane and thus went insane. If you are in a different state of mind, sometimes after you have been drinking or on something or just being creative, you can find hidden messages in many of Kurt's song lyrics. lots of musicians say one thing that everyone sees but is truly his art for saying, he likes to sing along, but he doesn't know what it means.

come on... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/12

this song was about frances farmer? idiots? she grew up in seattle and became a famous actress but was sent to a mental institution for years. she was also an alcoholic and was addicted to amphetamines.

His songs were messages about the abuse he suffered | Reviewer: Lisa | 5/20/12

This song describes what feeling the victim of a sociopath/psychopath is left with... it's hopeless, it's un-ending, you can't fight, it's relieving when you say you're going away after you can use me but I know you'll be back and I'll be at the butt end of a new lawsuit. If only he could just be "sad", if that's all there was left to feel, that the sad eventually smothers the survivorship instinct, just give up, just give in, you'll never win.

He knew exactly what it's like to be the victim of a psychopath. Courtney Love is a violent psychopath murderer.

This song from Curt was his clue to the world what was going on behind closed doors.

Maybe | Reviewer: Inside | 5/14/12

Maybe he's just talking about the actress. Remember that Kurt didn't really put his feelings in most of his songs. And some other songs don't even have to do anything with him (Like "Scentless Apprentice" he writes about a book) So since he was so inspired by the attitude of Frances Farmer, he just decided he would give her a kind of tribute by doing this song. If you think about it, it really doesn't make any sense or has any kind of coherence. I do believe however that the song "Heart-Shaped Box" does have to do with Courtney Love.

Say as you will.

Markus | Reviewer: Deniece | 3/27/12

I think your interpretation of "I miss the comfort of being sad" is more correct in b.

Even though sadness, depression, etc. can feel horrible it is familiar. As humans, we are more comfortable with familiarity. Not always but generally speaking. The "comfort" being that one knows how it feels, how to react, etc. One can become so accustomed to that feeling that anything else can be very uncomfortable. Even something as simple as happiness. If you're not used to it-it just doesn't feel right.

Brad is right | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/12

I think that his comment explains perfectly how I personally about this song and I can't anymore related to thus song because this is one of the songs that no technical fixes were due to the lyrics disunderstandable meaning and the rythem/rhymes, just pure emotions pyres through the ink into the paper... In my opinion Kurt is one of the greatest rock creators ever was because I, personally, feel like his pschycologist and he just know exactly how I feel, every nirvana song (especially in the Courtney period) are so damn good, it's beyond me, beyond description by words. Truly amazing what music can make you feel

I miss the comfort in being sad | Reviewer: Markus | 2/26/12

As a non-native speaker I am always wondering about the line: "I miss the comfort in being sad" To me it can have two different (even opposite) meanings:
a) When I feel sad it feels terrible, totally uncomfortable.
b) I miss the comfortable feeling of being sad. It comforts be to be sad. / When I am sad I feel comfortable.

Any comments on that?

Kurt | Reviewer: Chris | 2/16/12

Kurt was leaving Courtney, it is a fact. I find it extremely funny that people sympathize with Courtney, a woman that gets in physical altercations with her own child! The woman is a complete lunatic who manipulates anyone that is dumb enough to let her. She admittedly manipulates the press at will. But when Tom Grant comes out with hard evidence, a guy with a reputable background and several big cases under his belt (the Clinton scandal to name one off the top of my head), nobody wants to believe him because he's trying to boost his rep... So everyone believes an admitted liar over a reputable man?? I just don't get it. Courtney is also always looking to sue as well (read comments that have been quoted by Frances Bean about her ranting and wanting to sue everyone). She could very easily win a lawsuit if she could prove her innocence with slander charges and get his liscence revoked. There were intravenous puncture wounds, which for the uneducated means multiple, in his arms, no fingerprints on the shotgun, and his credit card was being used, not just once but several times, up until his body was discovered. Not to mention the fact that "Cali" wrote a nasty letter addressing Kurt that was left in the house after Kurt was dead with Cali acknowledging that Kurt was in the house... How do you know he's in the house and not dead two nights before his body is found?? What was the reason for love calling a guy to very specifically fix something over the garage?? Rosemary Carrol heard Courtney tell Dylan Carlson to check the greenhouse in which after Kurt was dead he claimed "a dirty little room above the garage". After they went to the house and there was no news of a dead Kurt, Courtney (with such "important business" to attend to in LA) decides that instead of wondering about her suicidal husband she will call to have a handyman do work over the greenhouse of all places when she knew cali seen him in the house... C'mon people.

LaLa | Reviewer: lala | 1/12/12

I think people are so unfair with their opinions about Courtney, I mean yes Kurt and Courtney had alot of problems but then what relationship doesnt? I write these type of lyrics when things are going bad with my boyfriend, but that doesnt mean I dont love him. When you love a person so much and you feel dissapointed you write the worse things you can, but that doesnt mean you dont love that person. It's just like heaven and hell sometimes. If he didnt love her, he would have left her. We do know that Kurt also had other personal problems though, not everything is related to their relationship.... This is a great song, love it :)!! Nirvana <333

It's about his relationship with Courtney Love | Reviewer: Brad | 7/27/11

Like many of Kurts later songs, it seems apparent that they have some connection with his relationship with Courtney Love. This is especially noticable in the "In Utero" album. It is no secret that Kurt and Courtney had a rocky relationship and many beleive his deep depression was caused by his deep love for Courney and her lack of it for Kurt. I think Kurt may have quietly/privately realized after his marriage that Courney was using him and this saddened him greatly. He most likely thought his relationship was over and she would be leaving him. I beleive he named this song after Frances Farmer (a crazy actor from old black and white films) to disguise that he is really talking about his crazy wife who will eventually will sue him for divorse and leave when she "gets paid".
When he say's "I miss the comfort in being sad" he is longing for the time before he met Courtney and the initial good times that originally broght them together. He would rather be sad like he was before he met her than be with her and see what used to bring him joy fall apart.
When he say's "my favorite patient, a display of patience" he is talking about how because of his greif he (the patient) is going crazy because of his patience and understanding towards Courney. The "Disease covers Puget Sound" (an area in Washington state) line is the idea that other have had patience for her too and the "disease" is spreading around Seattle.

this is what I glean | Reviewer: Iain Palmer | 1/3/11

"I miss the comfort of being sad." To me this line screams of utter despair. He doesn't even feel sadness anymore. He yearns for the days when, by virtue of his sadness, he at least felt something. Because of the drugs, he has lost any connection to his humanity.

I LOVE KURT COBAIN | Reviewer: Danielle | 10/2/10

Kurt cobain once said in an interview how he doesnt like people anayising his lyrics and how he just writes what he feels.. so i am just going to say that i am Kurt Cobain's number one fan and i loveee this song! :)
R.I.P Kurt.. I <3 you. x and i will never forget your talentness and morbidness :)

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