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Red Descending Fragile Nation Lyrics

Last updated: 07/13/2011 12:00:00 PM

It's fair to say that we have failed
Blame stops here but leaves a trail
A euphoric vision so maliciously twisted
He was fighting for the cause
Now he's fallen by the sword
Beyond your understanding time stands still

Look now your hands are weak
Pathetic creature you created this
A self-destructive existence without logic
So expected this ending is sick
You are standing on those close to you
As you try to compute the sum of all fears
Our kind has flaws in every way
Time has given us nothing today
And now we suffer to balance the equation
What happened inside those eyes
A perfect world collapsed and died
A stranger to reality no defences

What just happened? Why did you destroy the day?
What went wrong? Was silence the only way?
Was this the only way?

Genocide, starvation
And another soldier falls today
Holocaust? a terrorist?
Still mindless violence
Due to human nature

Take their freedom, and take their will
Then you gain control right at your fingers
Lose the power and you cannot kill but the next one standing takes control

With death the only way