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Emery Fractions Lyrics

Last updated: 11/29/2012 10:59:02 AM

One and three, you're here
(One and three, you're here
To tell me we can't do this)

To tell me we can't do this
(Three for three, I'll disagree)


Hour hand and face against the mirror
As I take the steps to save what's left of me
Someone's out when it's over

People steal from you
They take anything they choose

It's good to see you
(I missed you last night)
That's such a lovely color
(It goes with your eyes)
Before we fall asleep
(I just wanted to say)
This all seems so easy
But there's choices to make

Can't decide?
Then look at the faces
We're burning the pages
(But ask us why)
And hurting ourselves with this false start
(Resign yourself)
And always be
(And we pretend)
Without the one
(As if it gets easier)
thing you need
(But does it get easier?)
Reading words with no replies

When we have these mornings where we can't say goodbye

I wanted to mean everything to you,
But this isn't right
You keep coming back disassembled and I
Keep losing this fight

I won't
(I won't)

Dancing under starlight glow
No one in the city knows
Confidence can take you
But nerves try to shake you
From going all the way

It's not that far

It's good to see you
I missed you last night
That's such a lovely color
it goes with your eyes
before we fall asleep
Just wanted to say
This all seems so easy,
There's choices to make

We watch the tide roll in
With cold air and coffee cakes
Holding our words at lips
Stopping the sounds they make
We know the way to go
We know each step to take
To be here

These words with no replies
Stopping we's and starting I's
This need is killing me
And taking me over

I wanted to mean everything to you,
But this isn't right
You keep coming back disassembled and I
Keep losing this fight

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my meaning of this song.. | Reviewer: Wil | 12/25/10

..I was ... I am in a relationship that is described by this song. I love her, I need her and she needs me too, but we are soo different that we can't stay together, nor apart... she always comes back and I don't have a defense against her... I keep on falling for her.
A bullet would do the trick i guess....
I love the complexity of this song (and all Emery's songs..); the screamo at hte end is like the icyng on a cake. I love it.

This is what its about | Reviewer: ricky | 12/22/09

I'm in this situation. Me and a girl are falling in love but we are both in other relationships. We don't know what to do or how to handle it. No matter what someone gets hurt, but we both want one another so much. This song is amazing.

Nice as hell! | Reviewer: Sonny(tochiniy) | 6/26/07

This song is so nice i really love it so fucking MUCH! Why cant more bands invent song thats sounds as nice like this? =/

Love It! | Reviewer: Zo | 5/23/07

This song gives me chills. It is by far my favorite Emery song along with By All Accounts (Today was a Disaster). Emery is amazing!

Amazing | Reviewer: Jubilee | 5/1/07

This is an excellent song. Emery has the most meaningful lyrics of any band that I know of.

Whoa! | Reviewer: norman | 2/27/07

Actually this songs strucks me from within. Upon reading the words from the song, i felt the emotions running down through my spine. They lyrics was so realistic

On Repeat | Reviewer: Listless | 11/10/06

I happen to love this song almost as much as 'The Note on Which a Chord is Built' at this moment. Listening to both in sequence says what I can't find the words to say. By far my favorite!

Great Song | Reviewer: Benton | 7/3/05

This is the best Emery song. It is a very powerful song about losing a girlfriend that meant everything in the world to him. It is very beautiful.