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The saga and legend of Fozzy began in 1999 in the backstage
area at the Alamodome in San Antonio at a WCW show...that
was the day that I met Rich Ward.
Now I'd seen Rich play live with Stuck Mojo in Orlando the
year before, but I'd not met him before. I was a fan of
his band and I didn't know until that day that he was a fan
of mine, but it was great to know that the feeling was
mutual. I was turned on to Mojo by my friend Geoff, when I
mentioned to him that I was going to check out a Testament
concert. Geoff told More...

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Review about Fozzy songs
Beyond Amazing | Reviewer: Skee
    ------ About the song Watch Me Shine performed by Fozzy

I've been a die hard Jericho fan my whole life, but this song makes me love him that much more! He has one of the greatest voices ever! And this song does a great job showing that off. Also, the rhythm is just as great! It's definitely on my recommend list!

melodic infectuosity | Reviewer: bleak46n2
    ------ About the song Watch Me Shine performed by Fozzy

had this album for a while now... yeah im a jericho-holic... and a balls out metal fan... no doubt the last song off this record blows all sorts of fluids everywhere when enjoyed in the right amount of dosage... however, i discovered this song 2 nights back while watching the latest jericho dvd... and DAMN!!! this song has one of the most awesomest rhythm sections ive heard in a while... sure its catchy... but its got balls... so dont hate on jericho just cuz he happens to be who he is... let the music do the talking... this is fozzy coming into their element and showing the world that they are not a joke - and that the joke is on us... hah... respect...

Simply amazing... | Reviewer: Misha
    ------ About the song Broken Soul performed by Fozzy

I love this song. My boyfriend showed it to me, he's a HUGE Chris Jericho fan, and it has special significance to me because we've been through a lot together, just like the guy in the song has.

great wwe entrance theme | Reviewer: grook
    ------ About the song Break the Walls Down performed by Fozzy

Chris Jericho is awesom break down the walls of Jericho Y2J FAN

Jericho Is awesome | Reviewer: rockofhysteria
    ------ About the song Big City Nights performed by Fozzy

I am a huge Chris Jericho fan but never really got the chance to hear Fozzy that much but a few days ago I heard their cover of this scorpions tune my god I think its awesome Chris Jericho is a great rock singer as great as he is at wrestling which is pretty damn good. I hope to find all three fozzy albums soon.

WWE Now Way Out | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Enemy performed by Fozzy

Cool its so Heavymetal that you cant hear what Chris Jericho (main singer) is Saying and i saw the Music Video and Behind The Scenes Footage on the No Way Out DVD you Know it Was The Offical Theme song for WWE No Way Out (2005) oh and One More Thing Fozzy and Chris Jericho You Guys Rock!

End of Days | Reviewer: CyPhUs
    ------ About the song End Of Days performed by Fozzy

Another very well done song by Fozzy, love the guitaring at the beggining and the chorus. One of my personal favourite songs by Fozzy.

fozzy | Reviewer: travis
    ------ About the song Enemy performed by Fozzy

amazing band, the singer went from wrestler to lead singer, this band has an amamzing message, and it is hard rock, GO FOZZY!

RULES!! | Reviewer: TG
    ------ About the song The Test performed by Fozzy

Not only the lyrics seem correct, THIS SONG RULES!!! And so does Y2J and the rest :)

sik mate | Reviewer: eddie
    ------ About the song Big City Nights performed by Fozzy

pretty damn good. sounds really good. my brother was plain it on his sound system and thought, shit, sounds really cool. great bass and drms. just a really cool song

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