Foxy Shazam Albums

  • Gonzo Album (4/2/2014)
    Poem Pathetic
    Brutal Truth
    Tragic Thrill
    Have The Fun
    Shoe Box
    Don't Give In
    In This Life
    Story Told

  • The Church Of Rock And Roll Album (1/24/2012)
    Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll
    I Like It
    Holy Touch
    Last Chance At Love
    Forever Together
    (It's) Too Late Baby
    I Wanna Be Yours
    Wasted Feelings
    The Temple
    The Streets

  • Foxy Shazam Album (4/13/2010)
    Intro / Bomb's Away
    Wanna-Be Angel
    Count Me Out
    Bye Bye Symphony
    Second Floor
    Oh Lord
    The Only Way To My Heart...
    Killin' It
    Evil Thoughts
    Bonus Tracks
    Teenage Demon Baby
    Some Kind Of Love
    Dog In Love With Kitty
    You And Me

  • Introducing Album (1/22/2008)
    Introducing Foxy
    The Rocketeer
    A Dangerous Man
    The Science Of Love
    A Black Man's Breakfast
    It's Hair Smelled Like Bonfire
    Red Cape Diver
    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Ghost Animals

  • The Flamingo Trigger Album (7/15/2005)

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