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Josh Gracin Found Lyrics

Last updated: 04/07/2008 12:00:00 PM

Like a beat up boat that never made it to the shore
Like an old love letter hidden in the bottom drawer
Like a shiny penny heads up on the ground
I've been found

Like a message in a bottle in the sand
Like the ace of hearts that shows up in your hand
Like an old lost love the second time around

I've been found
Hungry like the desert
Waiting on a drop of rain
Found, lost for so long
No, I never though that I'd be saved
Somehow, I finally discovered that this is where I wanna stay
Baby now, that I've been found

When I'm here with you underneath the sheets
It's a perfect world
So whole and complete
You're the simple truth that makes me who I am
A better man


Well, I've been found -


I've been found (x3)
Thanks to Becky for submitting Found Lyrics.