Foster The People Lyrics

Famous as :
Pop/rock band
Birth Date :
Birth Place :
Los Angeles, California, USA
Claim to fame :
Debut single "Pumped Up Kicks" (2010)

First formed in Los Angeles, California in 2009, indie rock
trio Foster the People were a bunch of guys in their
mid-twenties who used Foster and the People as their
initial moniker. But since people often misheard the name
and called it Foster the People instead, members Mark
Foster, Cubbie Fink and Mark Pontius opted the name.
Another reason is because the new one has an underlying

Foster, Fink and Pontius were friends first before More...

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Review about Foster The People songs

The REAL Meaning... | Reviewer: Begley
    ------ About the song Pumped Up Kicks performed by Foster The People

The song, “Pumped-up Kicks,” is biographical in the fact that the "Robbie" in question in the song's lyrics is actually Robert "Robbie" Hawkins, a 19-year-old male, whom on December 5th, 2007, walked into the Von Maur department store located inside of the Westroads Mall In Omaha, Nebraska, with a loaded AKM 7.62x39mm semi-automatic rifle (along with 2 extra 30-round magazines,) that he’d stolen from his stepfather’s closet, made his way to the top floor via an elevator, and proceeded to unload the weapon on random people; killing a total of eight people and wounding four more before ultimately turning the weapon on himself.
Robbie was a troubled kid who suffered from depression and constant ridicule by most of his "preppy" peers. Fed up with being fired from his job, losing his girlfriend, and facing a forthcoming arraignment on for suspicion of “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” along with two alcohol charges, Robbie felt that his life was more of a burden to those around him than anything else and he wanted out—but not without inflicting some “justice” on others first. In the second of two suicide letters he wrote (one to his family, one to his friends) Robbie wrote “I know everyone will remember me as some sort of monster but please understand that I just don’t want to be a burden on the ones that I care for, for my entire life. I just want to take a few pieces of shit with me.” Clearly, Robbie had issues.
The sad reality is that while Robbie wanted to include some of the people who’d wronged him in his life—such as the bullies and so on in his “opting-out,” the people that lost their lives were completely random. Upon exiting the elevator, Robbie opened fire on whoever came across his path, so while his agenda and motives were premeditated, the people whom lost their lives at his hands probably had never had any previous interaction with him, making an already tragic situation even more ironically horrific, considering Robbie’s intent.
While ‘Foster the People’ ultimately changed some of the events of the story—such as the account of the abusive father (something that has never been documented,) the premise of the song is, in fact, based off of one deceased Robert Hawkins, AKA the “Omaha Assassin,” or the “Omaha Gunman.” As for the subject and meaning of “pumped-up kicks,” it’s a reference to the Reebok basketball sneaker, which featured a “pump,” that upon squeezing, would inflate air pockets that were lined on the inside of the shoe; making for a more snug fit.
These shoes were part of a marketing campaign aimed at stealing away some of the fanatically-loyal customer base that were buying the Nike-branded “Jordan” sneakers, which at the time were the most expensive basketball sneaker to be manufactured. Reebok used footage of Dee Brown’s championship-earning performance in the NBA’s All-Star Slam Dunk Competition to imply that if you needed a little more ‘pep in your step,’ all you needed as some “Pump” sneakers. These shoes—like the “Jordan’s” were so expensive that they were reserved for the upper-class kids—the ones whom had parents with enough money to squander it away on such extravagant purchases for footwear. So, when you hear ‘Foster the People’ saying “…all the other kids with the pumped-up kicks, you better run—better run—faster than my bullet,” they are portraying the character, who’s poking fun at the notion that kids simply having an expensive shoe with a “pump” somehow makes them better than him—and that they better use those fancy “pumped-up kicks” to run away from his gun and bullets, because he’s fed up.
In closing, “Pumped-up Kicks” by ‘Foster the People’ is a very catchy track with a dark, thought-provoking message. While it’s certainly not an honor or tribute to Robert Hawkins and his misguided acts of violence, the story behind the lyrics does speak of the youth generation, and how isolation and torment can lead to horrifically-tragic circumstances. Regardless of your opinion or position on the song, the message behind it is something to think about.

-- Jonathan Begley Copyright 2011

Meaning Simplified | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Pumped Up Kicks performed by Foster The People

meaning of the song is simple:
Kid is an outcast, preps (kids with the pumped up kicks) have been giving him hell, he found a gun.. payback.

then it goes into his dad who is neglectful, likely abusive, kid has been dealing with it for a long time and is now feeling stronger and ready to end it.

RE: Eh | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Pumped Up Kicks performed by Foster The People

Drugs aren't stupid. Most people who take drugs on the other hand are. There are plenty of intelligent people who use drugs as well though.

Anyway, to the point. The whole thing about the kid killing his dad could all boil down to a metaphor about the kid standing up to his parents and making his own choices. Make up your own mind about what the song's about. That's one of the beauties of art, that interpretation of it is subjective.

Party | Reviewer: MissyMusic
    ------ About the song Pumped Up Kicks performed by Foster The People

This is a joyfulled song when your at a party. In my situation my third time I heard this song at home (minus the party) this song was about a homicidal teen. Thats what I call hidden mesage, but its still an over on good attention grabber.

Eh | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Pumped Up Kicks performed by Foster The People

Dot get me wrong I like the song and the beat and the messed up lyrics with the happy tune and everything but is there any meaning to the song? I mean a lot of songs have meanings (unfortunately a lot of them abou stupid stuff like drugs and sex but anyways) is there any meaning? It just sounds like a kid killing his dad...

Great song... Great use of vocal tricks... | Reviewer: Catie
    ------ About the song Pumped Up Kicks performed by Foster The People

I just love this song. The happy melody with the dark lyrics is sublime. I love the way he runs his vocals through a lo-fi Harmonica Mic. I think he's using the Shure 520DX "Green Bullet". At least it looks and sounds that way.

Mariehill | Reviewer: MarieHill
    ------ About the song Pumped Up Kicks performed by Foster The People

This song is brilliant, it's such a good song , I love the dark and psychological side of it , and how thehy did the first verse in third person , and how his voice is sort of ehoing, like he's in a microphone in the verses and I love the chorus. Alternative music is amazing

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