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Oh yes, I know this tension that you speak of
We're in the palm of a hand making a fist
It'd be best for one of us to speak up
But we prefer to pretend it does not exist

And you can't see past the blood on my hands
To see that you've been aptly damned
To fail and fail again

Cause we're all guilty of the same things
We think the thoughts whether or not we see them through
And I know that I have been forgiven
And I just hope you can forgive me too

So don't you dare blame me for
Prying open the door
That's unleashed the bitterness
That's here in the midst of this
Sometimes we live for no one but ourselves

And what we've been striving for
Has turned into nothing more
Than bodies limp on the floor
Victims of falling short
We kiss goodbye the cheek of our true love

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Yes! | Reviewer: Jeff | 1/1/12

I love the allusion to the bible:

And what we've been striving for
Has turned into nothing more
Than bodies limp on the floor
Victims of falling short
We kiss goodbye the cheek of our true love

When the disciples fall asleep while Christ is in the Garden of Gethsemane despite their having been with him this whole time. And then Judas Iscariot betraying Christ with a kiss.

Some simple logic... | Reviewer: Drew | 7/1/11

To quote the very artist we are reviewing here:
"Opinions are immunity to being told you're wrong."
Now, this isn't true in all cases, like, "I think pink is a prettier color than yellow", but in other cases it is indeed correct. Like, "I think I'm a better person than you," or, "I think there is no God"...
And, on the subject of religion (because Christianity, as it is called, isn't a religion, it's a relationship), I believe they are wrong. I mean, the simple fact is, someone has to be right. All of these things cannot exist at the same time if they contradict each other. There can't be a God and not be a God at the same time. That just makes sense. So, someone is wrong. And if you would like to argue that my hair can be all blonde and not be all blonde at the same time than you can go ahead.
I say, love the people, hate the religion, or lack thereof.
I mean, seriously. This magnificent Earth and galaxy were created when nothing exploded? Really? And our complex and perfect bodies were evolved out of bacteria that came from nothing? Really? I simply refuse to believe that.
Think about it.

Wow. | Reviewer: Mark | 5/10/10

This song is a beautiful thing. Something I find a lot in Relient K's music is their sheer honesty, something that tends to lack a lot in this world. Good on ya Relient K.

But I do have something else I'd like to add. There's at least one person here who claims to have God in their own way. And that's great. Real Christianity isn't about religion. I despise religion. It's about a living, healthy relationship with our Creator, the Lord God. According to his Word (that little book called the Bible) No where in there does it say for Christians to hate on non-christians, Jesus specifically tells us to love each other. Those of us on here, claiming to be followers of Christ, that are ragging on everyone else here:

"you can't see past the blood on my hands
To see that you've been aptly damned
To fail and fail again"

Good luck and God Bless to ALL of you.

uhm | Reviewer: Jeza | 3/14/10

why are you people getting so worked up over this? It's just a song, nothing to lose your feathers over. However, i don't understand why those of you who are criticizing it are even on this page, b/c that means you're just looking for things to tear down, showing how much of a down low type of person you are. I am a Christian, and i never understand why people always come to pages like these? just to "prove" others "wrong" ? that's not what this page is about. it's about the lyrics to a song. that's all. end of story. have a blessed day :)

cmon guys, stop. :p | Reviewer: 3uvp | 2/9/10

let's not talk if they're this kind of band or not ok? hehe and please let us not condemn each other here. that's somehow the message of the song.

we always try to think that we're right and that everything's right among ourselves and our community but the fact is that we don't know how to love. so guys, stop condemning. we don't have any right to do so. because as far as the song is concerned, its enough to know that we have been forgiven. let's stop the hating and the indifference and let's just love each other okay? hehe "as you do to the least of these, you have done to Me." :)

Christian view | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/10

Saying we should just focus on our God and try to be happy isn't sufficient, happiness isn't the meaning of life. If it is, then most people in the world who are starving and hate each breath they take should just commit suicide, which is a ridiculous thought.
The reason Christians want to try and bring others to Christianity is because we see non-believers heading to hell, and want to help them find God, and salvation. Really, if I truly believe the Bible, and don't tell people about Jesus, then I'm a horrible person.

They're just lyrics. | Reviewer: Jessica | 1/17/10

Like my title says. Yeah, they're a Christian band, but people can take the lyrics any way they want. And as for saying Atheism and homosexuality is just a "mindset", it's not. A lot of Christians just can't accept the fact that in a lot of people's eyes, they're not right. Get over yourselves and just focus on your "God"; as long as your happy, that's all that should matter, don't press your beliefs on someone else who chooses not to go that "path". It's not incredibly horrible to be a non-believer, and if you feel that way, you should probably just avoid those people and that subject altogether and save everyone the hassle of an argument.

WHAT IS YOUR PEOPLES PROBLEMS?!?!?!?!!? | Reviewer: musician | 10/21/09

What is with you people?! 1 there is no such thing as an atheist. Atheism is a stupid "mindset" just like homosexuality. And you cant alter Gods to fit your own ''belief''. Thats like telling a fish it can live out of water. And the part about people being "aptly Damned" is about realizing we all make the same mistakes. We are all accountable before an almighty, all powerful, and all creating God of the Universe. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will be free of eternal damnation in, put literally, eternal hell fire

amazing. | Reviewer: elllie | 9/19/09

i didn't hear of relient k til about a year ago. i've been brought up a christian but i sometimes doubted my religion and as i got more into music, i couldn't find a band that seemed to convey a christian message while still being an awesome band.
i now can't stop listening to relient k and my faith is stronger than ever.
it's personal choice whether you see them as a christian band or not-i have many friends who arent christians who love relient k.
but this song is amazing <3

Just Be Happy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/09

I'm not gonna judge anyone right now, that's not my job.
I just want to say that Jesus loves everyone no matter what and wants to be close to you. I mean come on, he suffered death itself just for you. We will always be in debt to that but hey, accepting him as your savior is the best thing you can ever do. ^_^

perfect .. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/09

love the way the melody turns all bright and almost festive and celebrating at the line 'cause we're all guilty of the same things' and 'and i know that i have been forgiven'. the two facts are truths that really set a grim heart free..

"seriously" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/09

Wow guys... Just wow.... I'm not going to get too deep in this conversation but I'm a musician myself who has played a venue along with Relient K and if anyone in this discussion that doesn't seem to think the original process of writing this song wasn't inspired by their life as Christians all you need to do is listen to the rest of their discography. Every album is laden with Christian Gospel from start to finish including this one and this song. This song isn't just "Christian" but flat out biblical seeing as the Bible's teaching includes that we are all "damned" and we are all "guilty of the same things". Although I would never call them a "Christian Band" because I consider them better than that because they get that all music is supposed to have a message that is real and relevant where most bands in the genre just play music that sounds good and add the word Jesus (I feel my own band did this at one point)... And to the person who earlier said Relient K didn't use the name "Jesus" in their songs, you are wrong. They even do on this album a few times. Listen to more of their music...
This along with all songs they write, aside from "Crayons Can Melt on Us for All I Care" (lol) and a couple of other goofy fun songs ("Mood Rings", etc.) are from a specifically Christian focus... But we are ALL welcome to take from music whatever we can.... If what they take is positive although it isn't truly "Christian" then that is their right as a person. And at the same time I also think it is a person's right to pray for whoever they think needs it (we all need it in my opinion) but at the same time, too often us Christians use our own faith on purpose to offend someone by saying to them "I will be praying for you". I don't do that because I am deeply convicted by it but I know those who do. Who said we needed to tell EMily we are going to pray for her? God will work in her life if He wants to either way. HE IS GOD you know? Let's all just start expecting God to be God and do what He does without us fighting with others about their beliefs. We got to learn that we earn the right to talk to someone about their belief or disbelief in God. Not force our will on them. In all fairness I was heading straight to Hell before I was "Forgiven" . So we can't be rude to others about stuff that we are just as bad about due to our sin nature that according to the Bible (we have all fallen short of the glory of God) we all have to deal with on a day to day and second to second basis....

Wow. Really? | Reviewer: Kellie | 3/8/09

This song is saying not to point the blame on someone else before you look at yourself,
and here you people are damning one another.
Call it ironic, I think it's moronic.
Listen to the music, read the lyrics, comment on them, or comment on something uplifting. seriously


Read the lyrics!

...... | Reviewer: Kelly | 2/22/09

Ok guys come on. Just because someone isn't religous doesn't mean you have to hate them. I myself am atheist and that doesnt mean that I should go die or anything. If you start hating on other peoples beliefs you probably will not get far in life. I also like Relient K and i know that they are a christian band but people can find different meanings in the songs.

reply to the atheists and non-God/Jesus believers | Reviewer: Marissa☺ | 1/12/09

I love the band Relient K, and though they don't mention the name of my lord and savior Jesus or His most high father, God, you can definiately tell from the lyrics of some of their songs that they have a "christian-like" meaning. I too pray for those of you who have yet to see God in all his awsomness and glory and pray that He will open your eyes and in some way reveal himself to you. I'm only thirteen, yet God has done so much for me and I'd like to thank Him. I'm not trying to go all "preacher" on you guys, I'm just saying what I believe without sugar coating it. Get Jesus and you'll feel the best you'll ever feel in this life-I promise☺-(or you know God will damn you)

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