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Forgive Durden formed in 2003, with the original members
including Thomas Dutton, Jesse Bauer, Matt Yang, and Andy
Mannino. They self released an EP in fall of 2004, which
was titled When You're Alone, You're Not Alone. In December
of 2004, Yang left the band, and Thomas Hunter, a.k.a. “Big
T”, joined the band in his place. Their name was most
likely inspired by the movie Fight Club, specifically the
character Tyler Durden.

Dutton and Mannino first met in high school. Then when
Dutton began attending the University of Washington, he More...

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catchy as hell. | Reviewer: pockydotyum
    ------ About the song Il Tango Della Signora Francesco Di Bartolommeo Di Zanobi Del Giocondo performed by Forgive Durden

i listened to this song like 30 times on my road trip back home. and i'm listening to it now. insanely catchy, good beat, love the drums in the beginning. gotta love his voice too.

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