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Third Eye Blind Forget Myself Lyrics

Last updated: 10/07/2005 12:00:00 PM

Would you believe it
Those sapphire eyes
The brilliant girl with the famous thighs
Then the camera clicks and then we are stars
Laughing in the back of chauffered cars
Phone call rings and your voice is desire
Then winter moves into summer fires
I promised you what's ours is ours
Somewhere backstage with Sean and Lars

I go crazy when you walk in the room
I laugh at myself with the girl in bloom
The taste of sex couldn't be too soon
All afternoon then
LA parties in the phony lands
Phony grabs with the manicured hands
I always thought you were pretty like a whip
I should have watched my step


Cause I keep on forgetting myself
And I keep on forgetting myself
I keep forgetting myself
And I keep on forgetting myself X2
Who am I, we both don't know
Time ticks by, where did you go?

You always knew
Where you were going to
So sweetly you said please come with you
The biggest fear running through my head
You said you loved me you meant what you said
Floating, did it go to my head
We always sleep with the dogs on the bed
LA parties in the vodka fizz
This is not my life or maybe it is


Ooooh aahh
I made you doubt me
Oooooo ahhhh
You're better off without me

Think I'm looking over your shoulder
Cause there's someone younger and you're feeling older
You're crazy and you're never faded
Don't want to be so complicated
See my life come undone
Watch it go and let the damage run
And I'd change the song now if I could
In the slickness of your blood


Who's that guy, I don't know
Whoa whoa whoa
Where did you go
Where did you go now X3 and fade
Thanks to Kat M for submitting Forget Myself Lyrics.