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Disturbed Forfeit (Chevelle) Lyrics

Last updated: 12/06/2007 10:00:00 AM

We'll not be shaken
And jump into this in
Be persuasive
And just carry on
Make my mind up
To cut through this
Be firm and sit, in silence
I want to fight
I want to prove i'm right
I want to fight
So turn and forfeit
Learn from this
Prehistoric text and
Refrain from talking
Solves our problems
Medicated could do some good
Find a way to relate
Or just shut up
So step up
and forfeit

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i love this song! | Reviewer: donna | 12/6/2007

it has related the current time of my life so much.
were i live.. all my friends are boys...
but they have the mood swings of a PMSing woman.
and they are always switching from being my friend to not being my friend..
and now.. they are not..
and they have been spreding rumors all around town about my family..
it has been ruining my life...
my friends at school dont know whats going on..
i might be coming to school crying.. and my boyfriend doesnt know what he did.. i am constantly reashuring them..
my friends are wanting to come out here and beat all there butts..
so this song about someone wanting to prove a point and fight?
is the best song for me right now..

i love this song.