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Rascal Flatts Forever Lyrics

Last updated: 04/23/2009 12:00:00 PM

Ooh. Hiya.
I miss you so much
Your light, your smile, your way
and everything about us.
Now you're gone,
You're still here in my heart and in my tears.
Yeah you sure left your mark.

It wasn't long enough,
It wasn't long enough together
but it was long enough,
yeah it was long enough to last forever.

Sometimes I get so mad, I scream, I swear at this
cause this isn't how we planned it.
I sit here in a cold room
prayin', waitin' on you,
to run back through that door,
to the way is was before
you left


Been cheated (I've been Cheated)
Defeated (defeated, to believe)
To believe that you're gone.
(You're gone, you're gone)
Ooh it was wrong (so wrong, so wrong)

It wasn't long enough
It wasn't long enough
It wasn't long enough



It wasn't long enough [x6]

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