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Dj Fresh Forever More Lyrics

Last updated: 11/27/2012 08:48:58 AM

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[Intro: The Fray]
You got your plan

[Verse 1: The Fray]
I was so blind
Now I can see
You got your plan
To bury me
But I'm still here
I will hold on
I won't let go
Cause I'm so strong

[Hook: The Fray]
I just can't listen anymore
Because I've heard it all before
I can't fulfill it anymore
So now I'm breaking down the door

[Verse 2: Professor Green]
People say I changed but I didn’t flip, we were never allowed
All the thing did was emphasized by differences
The difference is I didn’t stop I didn’t rest I didn’t quit
Still is what sweep off, No, who knows what acting different is?
Grew up in the same tracks, tryin' to find a way out
Eventually I skipped the shortcut some went the low way round
The game ain’t for everybody, maybe it just ain’t for you
Me, I got the path of walk, you took the path they paved for you
Finally I made it through, now you’re trying to break me down
I’m everywhere, you’re never there yet you complain I ain’t around
Want to keep it real, I got to pick up a bag and show again
You’re not a friend, fuck you, I see you next time I’m on the edge!

[Hook: The Fray]

[Hook: The Fray]
I just can't take it anymore
Because I've heard it all before
I can't fulfill it anymore
I can't fulfill it anymore

Forever more

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