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The first time I laid my eyes on you I knew.
We'd spend this life side by side.
I still feel the same though you're so far away.
I swear that you'll always be mine...

Forever Love. I promise you.
Someday we'll be together.
Forever love. I won't give up. No matter what.
I'll be waiting for you. Forever love.

Minutes and hours and years may go by.
But my heart knows nothing of time.
So don't cry, just keep me right there.
In your dreams. And hold on to these words of mine.


Love is the road to our destiny.
Nothing can change what is meant to be.

Forever Love.
Forever Love.
Oh, I wont give up. No matter what.
I'll be waiting for you. Forever love.
I'll be waiting for you. Forever love.

Forever Love.

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38 years | Reviewer: cynthia lock | 12/2/12

i was barely 16 when i met him. iwas a freshman in a small town high school he was a senior. i remember telling someone how cute he was and before i knew it we were exchanging glances in the hallway between classes. then one day he said hello while passing by and my heart went all a flutter. i was not allowed to date, but my parents allowed him to come over for visits. and each weekend he would come over and sit in the living room with us as a family and watch that old black and white tv. everyone else in the town had a color tv but my dad, eventhough he had worked for NASA would not spend one dime on a colored television or microwave! Keith and i did not complain,we were so grateful for the time time went on i was allowed to go to his house, although it took some real smooth talking and clever planning on our part,i finnaly got to go to keith baker's home! however, mom was always the prison guard and let us know that she knew exactly how long it took to get from one house to another, we always had to call my mom from keiths house so his mom could say, yes they just made it here, she's safe lol
keith and i were inlove and finally the day came when my mother allowed us to go on a real date! i had to be in no later than 10pm but we had planned on going to a concert. talk about negotiations,you would not believe the training we both got in sales when it came to convincing my mother. she finally agreed to a 12pm curfew. so what happed on oour first date you ask? well. we were so excited about our date that we forgot where we parked the car. we had to wait untill all the cars were gone and keith did not get me home until nearly two am I made him come inside to explain. my parents said ok and then we were really freaked out because we figured something worse was coming lol but it never least not from them.from that point keith and i went everywhere together,fishing,catching crawdads, with our boots getting stuck in the black gumbo soil,picking blackberries along the canal,going sking on a syrofoam block,held to a small engine boat with yellow nylon rope in a swamp area where gators were sure to be. once we went frog gigin at midnight, and took our bounty home to my mother to show off our catch and cook it. one thing to remember, always cut the tendons at the knee when frying up frog legs, it is a mess when they jump out of a hot skillet and land on the kitchen floor. lol.our life was wonderful, we were lovers, we were friends, we were best friends. and we lived and loved life toether. keith was always gentle, and sweet and romantic and he brought life and a song to my heart, he was my soulmate. i wanted him to ask me out to the prom,but had told a friend i was not able to go, so keith asked out another girl. iwas so upset, that i shouted at him in the hallway "Youre only taking her because you feel sorry for her!" unfortunately, the girl was standing behind me and ran away crying keith consoled me but was firm that he was going to keep his word to that girl and that i needed to say im sorry, and i did, because he was right, he was noble, and it made me respect him all the more. i did apologize, they went to the prom and i only got one dance, but keith gave me a kiss and a hug at the dance and life continued for us just fine. we became rather serious in our dating, and after a football game one friday night drove off into the oil fields nearby. we were all wrappped up into each other when we heard a noise and got scared to death, but guess what? it was only a curious cow! lol well all ended early that night.time again went on and things between my mother and i became very strained, i wanted more independance and she was not going to change her convictions about how things were going to run in her home.It seem that we were fighting over something that was serious to both of us at the time, but in hindsite to this day i cant remember what it was about. funny is'nt it how things affect us so much at the moment of anger. but i just shed my tears on keiths was then that we made the choice to run away and be together and make our own one night i gathered a few of my belongings and slipped out through my bed room window. keith got me to his blue truck and down the road we escaped to oklahoma. we were so tired, we arived at his aunt's house. keith assured me she would help us find someone who would marry us.yeah right! lol we had crossed over from texas to another state where the age limit was higher! lol and the aunt??? well she wasnt so down with it all like keith thought,lol.i went to one place, keith to another house entirely! or at least thats the way i recall it was a stresfull time for everyone. the aunt notified keiths parent,then mine were informed, then the police informed, and i think the FBI not sure but i think so. and ofcourse did i mention the whole town was ablaze with the gossip???lol long story short, which always means it aint short at all, is that keiths older brother, Jerry drove to ok and told us both that he understood our love for one another, but because i was still a minor,i had to be taken back home to texas, or keith would be making time in the big house. my parents wer
e ready to press charges. but i know they loved keith and cared alot about him, however i was their baby girl and that was that.after that i was forbiden by my parents to see keith. my mother made it clear that it was a small town where gossip got around, and she would find out if we met each other.but as with all places where kids are growing up and in love as well, we had friends who helped us meet for one last time.i remember how secretive we had to be and as keith and i sat in his truck for the last time. i lied and told him i did not want to be with him anymore. i lied because i was afraid for him. and i believed that my family would press charges if i did not obey them.the only way i could protect him was to push him away. i lost my only true freind, my love, and my heart that night. what a price to pay, how lonely, how one time my parents had talked to me about seeing a doctor for depression, maybe going for a little stay in the hospital. but the thought of that made me toughen up inside, could they make me go??? i also later heard that keith had some difficulty of his own, but a local preacher was able to minister to him. that is all i will say on these issues.years went by, my graduation from high school came, and my parents had moved away from the town. i went to school for a short term but became restly at home again and moved out after getting a good job with a utility that i was on my own, i began to look for keith again, i went into the computer system with a young supervisor we were not allowed on the computer system and had to sneak into the work area after hours to gain access.we would have gotten in trouble but nto fired for this.anyway, we looked for an address with keiths name, his mother, farther, brother, but nothing showed up. later while on the job, i ran into an old school friend, who told me keith ahd gotten married and was expecting a baby. my heart was crushed, and i went home and just died.i later met and married, and went on to have two sons of my own. it was an ok marriage, but it fell short of the love and attention i had had from keith.and during the times of my life when i had been so down, i often thought of keith and offered up a prayer for him.while i was in divorce with my husband, i tried to find keith again, but nothing. i eventully just moved on and was in several abusive relationships, but ever now and then tried to see if i could locate keith.i ended up having chess pains. i ended up in the hospital, when the big one hit, and had it not been for the nurse already standing there i would have died. i was shot up with morphine and several nitro tablets.during my time off from work, i began a more serious search for keith. i went to a site called and saw where he had left a message asking if anyone knew where i was at. i went crazy oh my gosh, he was looking for me too! i put out a search and found an address, but the letter i sent came back, so what do i do now??? i joined faebook, looked at other dating sites,and other search engins on the internet, and then slowly just went back into to rut of living day by day and paying bills.two weeks ago keith contacted me on facebook. and all i could do was cry, i was conected again! we now have exchanged several communicatons. and have expressed the love we still have for one another. but one more thing about keith, he is a very sensitve and romantic human being.he was never unkind to me and made me feel like a true princess. he sent me the forever love song by was his way of telling me how long he has been looking for me, and that he still loves me. no truer words have been spoken in my life or brought new life to this soul of mine.i have thirsted so long for his love and his touch.and another thing...soon after i had my heart attack, keith had a stroke. but you see we still made it, we are here and soon we will meet, he still loves me and wants me eventhough my body is old wore and tired he makes me feel like that young princess again, and i can not wait until i can see him again for th
e first time after 38 years

Forever Love Baby. That's what we have. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/12

My fiance'is in prison and has been for 18 years. He is serving a 30 year flat sentence on intoxicated manslaughter. He was sentenced in 1996 and we met via an online pen pal site in 06'. The intial plan was to find a death row inmate and write a novel, as that is what I do. I found him out of thousands and was intrigued by his excessive sentence in accordance with Texas statute. Thus, I wrote and here we are 7 years later deeply in love, and yes; I am working on the novel after the receipt of more than 200 letters. I moved here to Texas recently and was allowed 2 contact visits with him, and now see him behind glass. He is the love of my life and I truly do not care how long it takes; I will be waiting. This kind of love takes a great commitment and sacrifice however; he is faithful. LMAO! SORRY.

Lost And Found | Reviewer: Rodney | 5/28/12

I'm a man who was married 17 years with 4 boys, marriage wasn't going well for years so we separated it's been 3 yrs since we been apart. With in that time she found a boy friend I was devastated and went I to depression status. I didn't think there was anyone out there for me and was giving up on love. Until one day I got on line not even looking or wanting a relationship, there she was pretty face that opened my eyes we talked for a while that day, we found things of simular interest and been hitting it off ever since . It's true there is a soul mate out there in this vast world . So my advice is don't give up you will find your true love just don't look for her she'll find you.

If it's meant to be it'll happen! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/11

I'm a teenager, and I feel in love quick. I was together with him for practically 2 years. We both grew up faster than our friends, and didn't get the teenage life. We had our life planned out together. He hurt me and now he is with someone else. He said he needed time to be a teenager. He still is my best friend. He has told me he wanted me to wait for him. He wants me to move on and be happy if I find someone worth waiting, but I don't think I can. He says he still wants our future, but wants to wait to graduate. I fell in love more than I ever thought I could. I feel so lost inside. I watched the Forever Love movie and I cried so much. I never will give up my life, and he is my life. I am not a dumb teenager like everyone believes. I had my whole future planned out. And now I am lost. But this song, this song makes me smile to know. If it truly is meant to be, we will find our way back to each other. He will always be my best friend. Whenever there is a problem, or whenever I'm hurt he still comes to rescue me. I know he still loves me. You wouldn't do that for someone that you didn't care about anymore. I love this song, and the movie. It has really changed my outlook.

Forever my Gregg | Reviewer: Christine | 12/31/10

I lost my boyfriend in November 2009. I had been with him for 12 years, broke up for six and he had a very bad accident and that caused him to be be paralyzed and on a tracheotomy, he couldn't eat, breath, talk or anything. When I heard news of this accident I was engaged to someone. Gregg was in and out of rehab for several months and there was nothing they could do for him. He ended up in a nursing home where I took care of him for the last eight months of his life. He is truly my "FOREVER LOVE" and this song says it all!

Forever Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/10

I have heard this song awhile ago, and I like it alot. However, when I listen to it today, it means so much more than it was before. My boyfriend goes school 3 hrs away from where I live, he is 5 years younger than me. We had so much problem lately that his family doesn't really like me, and now came to the point they hate me. We can't talk to each other anymore... He asked me to wait for him to finish school and move back here that when he can be with me and take care of me. I put all my heart and trust on him since we have date for a year and he has done just so much for me... Right now, we are apart just because I don't want him to suffer with his family anymore, so he can concentrate on studying. I will wait for him no matter what... I believe that nothing can stop us from loving and to be with each other... Not the age, not the distance, not family, nothing in this world can stop me from waiting and loving him each day...

**Forever Love** | Reviewer: bri | 1/21/10

Forever Love this song is grate fore me and my boyfriend we have ben together for a long time now we are like best friends but better he treets me soo right i could not ask for a better boy friend we never fight. but he is going to FSU for colidg and we will b 3 hours away and i want him to no i will never give up on are relationship. i want to b with him for ever so this song is are song it tels are story and i love Reba she is a vary vary good singer love ya

PERFECT! | Reviewer: Blellow | 1/19/10

I am in a relationship with the most wonderful woman in the world - my best frien; my soulmate. Circumstances are such now that we can not be together permanantly - but we both are holding out until that moment when the time unites us as one. We both believe it will happen - as we are meant to be!

Forever love | Reviewer: m m | 9/6/09

THis song is great if you love someone. i listen everyday i love it.because iam in love someone in a picture a long time. i can't forgeet. now i promise for myzelf to love that persoon forever love. no matter what happens to me.and i think that i will never meet that persoon.everytime i heard his name iam die.he is everything to me.sometimes i try to forgeet but i can' man can take his place in my heart.he is rich and famouse i feel i must love him forever.but i must find someone near to marriage.

Forever Love | Reviewer: Janet Taufer | 7/27/09

I lost my Husband in September 2008. I have to say that "Forever Love" has meant so much to me. it has brought me great comfort. because I will not give up loving him! and when it is my time to go, I can't wait for our reunion.
I want to thank Reba, for this wonderful song!!!

Janet Taufer
Provo, Utah

It's himmm.. | Reviewer: Jamie Renee:)_ | 12/10/08

I've been on and off with this guy for a year and half. Well. this sound made me h realize he's that one i should beh with. when mah frend introduced us 2 tha song i knew right then every word of this song was uss. and im never letting himm go.
thanks made m eh realize. so know mah eyes are open and were[VERY HAPPY].

love hurts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/08

I have a beautiful husband and a daughter, but I met a man, I fell in love with. We really love each other, but we both have families we love, so we can't be together, but maybe someday...we live for that moment! | Reviewer: Rebecca M Sellers | 3/10/08

This song describes my life with my husband of 13 years perfectly. He has been in the Army for 11 years and has been deployed 7 times, 3 of those to Iraq. This time for 15 months. I wrote the lyrics out for him because they describe my love for him perfectly. This song is definately THE ONE

us. | Reviewer: T.Carter | 3/6/08

i think this song is very self explainable. right now my boyfriend is in jail and we dont know how long he will be there. we write all the time and we see each other every Saturday. but it doesn't help when you have a glass separating you from the love of your life. this song just tells a story;; the one you want to hear over and over again and just never be tired of. i love my boyfriend;; and m waiting on him. because when you love never ever give up.

My Forever Love | Reviewer: Gilda Mae | 10/1/07

Me and my boyfriend are both in seperate branches of the military. We have been dating for over a year and have been apart for about 7 months. This song reminds me of how we have to fight to be together even if every once in a while but its worth it. I want this song to play at our wedding. I love Reba..what a story teller!

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