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Revile Forever Later Lyrics

Last updated: 01/19/2005 10:00:00 AM

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She's never there too soon.
And yet she delegates her time so cruelly.
I'm waiting as I sleep, when she tends to me.
I hear her passing down my road
Behind tired eyes she's lying next to me
A silhouetted face that just shades away.

And if I stay awake, she will never agree to see me.
When she phones she leaves a note, but she's not missing me.

I know I've never met her, but I've heard and I've felt her
And she's lead me through some dark and unkind ways.
So everyday I gain strength enough to keep on searching,
Rounding every corner, rethinking my plans.

One day, I know ill catch her, but it seems that day will be
Forever later.

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