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George Jones Forever's Here To Stay Lyrics

Last updated: 04/11/2006 11:00:00 AM

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Written by L. Bastian & B. Cannon (?)

She stepped out of the Taxi, with a suitcase in her hand
And a hand bag too full for her to hold
I felt her body tremble as I took her in my arms
And she whispered, don't ever let me go

The I watched her hang her dresses up and close the closet door
And I watched her put her satin things away
Somehow now I know she won't be leaving anymore
I do believe forever's here to stay

It's good to hear her foot steps just walking down the hall
Lord, I wondered would I hear those sounds again
We're picking up the pieces, and putting away the past
We've got a lot of broken dreams to mend

(Repeat chorus)

I do believe forever's here to stay

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