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Walk with me my little child
To the forest of denial
Speak with me, my only mind
Walk with me until the time
Make the forest turn to wine
You take the legend for a fall
You saw the product

Why can't you see that you are my child
Why don't you know that you are my mind
Tell everyone in the world that I'm you
Take this promise to the end of you

Walk with me my little friend
Take this promise to the end
Speak with me my only mind
Walk with me until the end
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Make the forest turn to sand
You take the legend for a fall
You saw the product

Why can't you see that you are my child
Why don't you know that you are my mind
Tell everyone in the world that I'm you
Take this promise to the end of you

Take this promise for a ride
You saw the forest, now come inside
You took the legend for its fall
You saw the product of it all
No televisions in the air
No circumcisions on the chair
You made the weapons for us all
Just look at us now!

Why can't you see that you are my child
Why don't you know that you are my mind
Tell everyone in the world that I'm you
Take this promise to the end of you

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Chief mojo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/12

The big hint is that the name of the song is forest. It's a song about our relationship with our MOTHER earth. We are her child. And we are the mind to her body, she is asking why we can't see that. Because we are in denial.

Not about Christianity, I don't think pt. 2 | Reviewer: Schizotoxic Apocalypse | 1/18/12

And if your pissed off because GOD is presented a male, masculine force, think about like this--God has no sexual organs, but he is the giving force, while believers, or the Church, compose the feminine receiving force. Humanity in general is the receiving force in this creation and God is the giving force. This is why God is masculine, and God came to earth as a man. Man was made for God, woman was made for man. This is just a natural human institution, with the man being the leader and priest of the household. Believe and do whatever you want, but for the sake of harmony in the family, this is how it is intended--it is also for general survival. I'm not sure if you've ever been in a competitive relationship, but it sucks. Nevertheless, I accept that an individualist society is non-conformist and innovative and I like it that way. But 100 years or more ago, it was just normal that a man was seen as the more dominant figure who labored hard and lead the household. Now it's like both men and women are supposed to be equals in the household and both have their own separate careers, while children are raised by the state and the family falls apart. Is it really better? Maybe for a computerized brave new world, but we are kind of reaching a dead end besides that. And it's not gonna be some transfuturist utopia in which we all integrate ourselves with technology and the system--the establishment--and become one world with one vision for the sake of humanity or something. We are at a dead end, and there's only Orwellian slavery ahead

Not about Christianity, I don't think | Reviewer: Schizotoxic Apocalypse | 1/18/12

Maybe mocking it, encouraging some new age "i am god" thing. The thing is is that God declares himself a "sovereign God", "the sovereign Lord." To say the child is his only mind, unless he is saying the child is one with his mind, which the child isn't, because the child's blind, seems to be implying that he is the source of the higher consciousness. This would contradict the fact that God is the I Am, but he is 3 persons in 1--Father, Son, Holy Spirit. This is like our own mind, body and spirit being united in one soul or one self, one "I". The human mind is said to be the "enemy of God." There is no demiurge bullshit involved. Jehovah, Yahweh is God--I Am what I Am. So whoever said Sophia is some higher being than God and that gnostic texts say this is full of shit; do your research. Yes the gnostics said Jehovah was the demiurge or lower god that created a corrupted universe, but this is bullshit. The corrupted universe is the result of another extradimensional being called Satan. Angels were given certain positions of power and duty concerning the creation. Satan or Lucifer used his power to corrupt humanity and exalt himself above the throne of God. Therefore, emperors and tyrants and god-kings, etc. are like incarnations of Lucifer within man. If you were truly a "gnostic", you would know that Christianity is the absolute truth and that Jesus Christ is the only way to God. But no, you are not a "gnostic". You read some provocative made-up crap with itchy ears and now you think you're a "gnostic". I don't know what this songs about. Have nothing against System of a Down, and I don't think they are satanic or anything, neither do I expect them to agree with me. They're just weird artists, and the message of this song is probably meant to be a mystery

yea it's about religion | Reviewer: ben | 12/22/10

I don't know Scripture to well, but Mark's explanation seems like a pretty good one. My interpretation of the song is that it's about the missteps of organized religion, how it's become a product, or how so much importance is placed on following a moral code, when faith should be the central component. But Mark's interpretation is probably correct.

gethsemane? | Reviewer: mark | 8/4/10

i think this song describes the moment where jesus was in the garden of gethsemane, just before he died.
im not a religious hoodlum, but i think the song focuses more on the tragedy of jesus realizing he has to die for the betterment of mankind (or so they say).
i mean, its more on the idea than the action -- the fact one needs to die for everyones benefit...
song also sounds like a reminder from god to jesus about why hes doing this.
"take this promise to the end of you" - kingdom of god, the promise of eternal life, until his death
"walk with me my little child/friend" - god summoning jesus?
i dunno....this song is wicked, tho

The Demiurge | Reviewer: Gaia | 4/11/10

I think he's talking about Sophia, the female life force existing as the entire universe. Her creation, the male Demiurge, is sometimes called the "blind god" because, as gnostic and buddhist texts proclaim, he was the first consciousness in this "bubble" of existence, and as such assumed he had created the universe. One could say he is the fashioner of the energy of the universe, the universal mind apart of which we are all that a)fails to see how connected all pieces are and b)fails to acknowledge or even understand the presence of higher consciousness. So then the lyrics would be Sophia, wisdom, a greater part of The All, taking YHWH, the Demiurge, Zeus, etc, aside and demonstrating His blindness by asking the questions "why don't you know that you are my child?" Remember how YHWH tells Moses that there's no God higher than him? that would be another allusion to His blindness, "tell everyone in the world that I'm you" demonstrates how this has manifested in our belief systems, myths and legends.

Peace, fuck police

what if ?... | Reviewer: 1846 | 3/4/10

it is weird when i listend to the song and saw the lyricsi i also thought in jesus and i think they are talkin about how all christians are now using religion to attack their enemies (muslims, homosexuals, not belivers, etc.) and they are like saying to him "look what you have done"

Hmm :p | Reviewer: Kman | 1/24/10

Hmm. While i was listening to this, i guess it just sorta struck me around "Why cant you see that you are my child". I look up the lyrics and im sorta now confirmed. Is this talking about Jesus? Forest of denial? Means its directed to people who dont believe. Make the forest turn to wine? Like the most famous miracle Jesus did was the water into wine thing. Forest to sand? Jesus was in the middle east was he not? you take the legend for a fall. As in someone doesnt believe. the product is christianity today. Basically i think they're singing about people who are trying to convert. Btw, I am not a Christian. this is really just a hunch :P

I LOVE SYSTEM OF A DOWN | Reviewer: AMBER | 4/14/07

system of a down is the best band ever i love all there songs esspecially forest...there songs are so good and i listen to them all the time SYSTEM OF A DOWN ROCKS x]

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