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MICK JONES: Guitar / Piano / Background Vocals
LOU GRAMM: Lead Vocals / Background Vocals
BRUCE TURGON: Bass Guitar Background Vocals
JEFF JACOBS: Piano / Organ / Keyboards / Vocals
THOM GIMBEL: Sax/ Guitar

During the Los Angeles riots in the spring of 1992, while
one war was breaking out in the streets of America's
largest city, another war was ending. Inside the confines
of the Sunset Marquis hotel in downtown LA, singer Lou
Gramm and guitarist Mick Jones were sequestered due to a
city curfew. They decided More...

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Review about Foreigner songs
IWannaKnowWhatRockIs | Reviewer: Prospectus
    ------ About the song I Want To Know What Love Is performed by Foreigner

This tune IS rock. In my life I've had heartache and pain, and I don't know if I can face it again, It's like the foreigner dudes took a mirror and shined it on my life and stuff. But I can tell that singer, stop you're crying, because you WILL find love. EHarmony is really good, better than plenty of fish.

Awesome | Reviewer: 80's reviewer
    ------ About the song Juke Box Hero performed by Foreigner

Ok, obviously, Foreigner has come up with some pretty good head banging, balls to the wall music! But this song, is pretty epic. I first heard this song a few months ago, now i am making a slideshow corresponding to the song. It's a song with meaning.

Foreigner is telling a story, about an ordinary man, in hopes of getting a seat to a concert, but couldn't get to the concert box office in time. He secretly sneaks out to the backstage door, and listens to the concert from there. As soon as he hears the beautiful sound of the guitar, he is blown away from the sound. He is then starstruck, and decides to take up guitar, and discovers that he is a natural born guitar player, and he loves it so much, he wants to keep it up. He remembers the day of the concert very clearly, and wants to be as good as the player. So he keeps playing on. Years later, he gets a name in the music industry, and is going to the same concert place as that day in the rain. He stops in front of the backstage door, where it all began, and realizes that he needs to keep it up, or he will be forever forgotten. Years and years later now, his name is forever engraved in music history, making him a Jukebox hero.

Hope you liked my take on the song... By the way I am in fact twelve, so yeah

Raw Realism at its Best | Reviewer: Don Schley
    ------ About the song Headknocker performed by Foreigner

Headknocker, with its offbeat characterization of a real-life type, is one of my favorites by foreigner. The song epitomizes the raw, blue-collar, street fighting underground experience about which this band sings. Like so many others these guys wrote and performed, it captures in a pure setting, some of the characters who peopled that world. Without such songs, by such a band, it would all be forgotten.

Raw Existential Reality | Reviewer: Don Schley
    ------ About the song Dirty White Boy performed by Foreigner

Back in the day, these guys were called "greaser freaks", and this song depicts them in all accuracy. Foreigner was one of the very few groups with the naked courage to write and sing honestly about the blue-collar experience of white American males on hard-bitten streets of industrial cities. The parts about "don't drive no big black car" and "been in trouble since I don't know when" have the names of certain persons written all over them.

Greatest Love Anthem | Reviewer: Don Schley
    ------ About the song I Want To Know What Love Is performed by Foreigner

"I want to know what love is" has to be one of the greatest hard-rock love anthems ever composed and performed. Like other hard rock love anthems, the song is distinguished by the raw power of its music. In this case, the Black Girl Gospel Group back-up provides a super exclamation point the the whole, wailing through the final chords.

Blue Collar Music | Reviewer: Don Schley
    ------ About the song Urgent performed by Foreigner

Foreigner, with the ripping vocals by Lou Grammatico, gave expression to the passionate immediacy and quasi-violence of blue collar society. Urgent brings to real-life expression a certain kind of relationship which is not to be discussed in polite society. The wailing saxophone accompaniment is utterly amazing. Still one of my favorite groups for its raw power and real-life expressiveness.

Oh wow... | Reviewer: Mr. somebody
    ------ About the song Juke Box Hero performed by Foreigner

The song starts off with an almost legendary bassline that carries on pretty much through the whole song... The first 6 lines... are just an example of how one moment could take you into a world of oppurtunity.. and he eventually bought a guitar, not knowing how to play it, but he knew hed get far...
After a concert one night.. Hes walking in the back allleys and remembers the night, a night much like that night, where he heard that guitar.. and remembers it as his inspiration.. his reason he became what he is... he can thank it all to that one tiny moment.. now he has become a jukebox hero...

wtf!!!!???? | Reviewer: Daniel
    ------ About the song Juke Box Hero performed by Foreigner

dude why hasn't anyone reviewed this song??????

I am not joking, this song is for sure one of the greatest songs of all time! you have to listen to this song, because you will not regret it and you will come back to this page, write a reply and say thank you lord!

This song expresses a man's passion for rock when he listened to a person playing in a concert one time. he then was walking down a street one day and looked in a glass window of a music store when he saw the guitar that changed his life. he knew from then on, that guitar, without even know how to play it, would be his key to playing rock which he discovered at that one concert. then, many years later, he started walking up to play rock in his own concert, and he remembered that one guitar (which i think he remembers every concert, but not sure). That guitar made him a jukebox hero.

And of course, Foreigner is a great band, although under-appreciated by way too many ppl (probably because they can't play live good at all, which is surprising judging by the lyrics of many of his songs, this one and Hot Blooded especially). He has enough top hits to fill a CD, a CD of which people who lived through the 80's would recognize every song. Although there are many great artists, Foreigner plays their songs straight from the heart, and each song actually relates to their own life every time (except probably Dirty White Boy, and maybe Girl on the Moon).

By the way, anyone who wants to know, Foreigner is AOR, and also, they made the transition from the 70's to the 80's without losing success unlike most other bands. Eventually, toward the mid-80's, they started getting into power ballads which turned out to be phenomenally successful, their two most known power ballads are I want to Know what Love Is, and I've been Waiting for a Girl like You. Unfortunately, Say You will in 1987 was his last hit period. 5 Albums before Inside Information, and that was it.

The Bagel | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song That Was Yesterday performed by Foreigner

I don't wanna drag up the past, but as I sit alone tonight.. your voice keeps haunting me. And somewhere in your hole, somewhere deep inside I know, you're still a part of me.

\m/ Foreigner Live \m/

extended lyrics | Reviewer: Linda Jacobsen
    ------ About the song That Was Yesterday performed by Foreigner

Great song - There's an extended version of That Was Yesterday & it's live on Foreigner Deer Creek-
I don't want to drag up the past, as I sit/stand alone tonight, your voice keeps haunting me, you're still a part of me.

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