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Forbidden Biography

Last updated: 02/08/2003 02:18:42 AM

Russ Anderson - Vocals
Glen Alvelais - Guitar
(Forbidden Evil)
Craig Locicero - Guitar
Tim Calvert - Guitar
(Twisted Into From, Distortion, Green)
Matt Camacho - Bass
Paul Bostaph - Drums
(Forbidden Evil, Twisted Into Form)
Steven Jacobs - Drums
(Green, Distortion)

Started in the late 80's as a thrash metal band, Forbidden released their first album Forbidden Evil in 88. Their debute featured Glen Availeas on lead guitar, however he was dismissed after its release. Also early in the band's history, Rob Flynn of Machine Head fame was in the band when they went by the name of "Forbidden Evil". Before Forbidden went in to record their first album Rob had departed to join Vio-lence.

Details of the bands history at this point are sketchy, but when their next effort, the landmark album Twisted Into Form, was released two years later Glen was not a member. Glen went on later to tour with Testament, and is featured on Testaments live EP Return To The Apocalyptic City. Twisted Into Form featured Russ, Craig, Tim, Matt, and Paul. At this point I "found" Twisted and instantly became a fan of the band.

Once again the band switch members, and before the next studio recording, Distortion, was released in 94, drummer Paul Bostaph left the band and went on to play with Slayer, and Steven Jacobs stepped in to take his place as the rhythm section. Definately keeping up with the pace, Steve worked with the band on their last two releases, Distorion, and 1997's power metal masterpiece Green.

Tim Calvert went on to join Nevermore and is featured on their latest album entitled Dreaming Neon Black. I highly recommend checking out this CD as well as Nevermore's previous material. Nevermore has become one of my new favorite bands. Check out their official site at
Tim has since left Nevermore and is pursuing other interests.

I heard that Steven Jacobs went on to tour with Testament...I don't know for certain. In any event, he's not with Testament now, he's moved on...

Craig, Matt, and Steve went on to form a band called Manmade God. Find more info about that at Maybe some of you out there might dig it. Matt has since left the band and has reportedly stopped playing music.

Russ Anderson has apparently departed the metal scene and moved on to a new project called Parking Lot Prophets. Check out their website at, if you 'd like. Fans of Forbidden and those like a little bit, life in their music should probably stay away though. The sound samples on that site depress me.