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Tammy Wynette For the Kids Lyrics

Last updated: 05/16/2011 12:00:00 PM

You work like a slave for the kids
And I'd go to my grave for the kids
But we watched our love fade as we suffered the same
With this bargain we made for the kids

Divorce is a curse for the kids
But this tention's much worse for the kids

And they're now old enough and they made the strongest stuff
Still it's gonna be rough for the kids

Find a new love you should for the kids
And I hope that she's good for the kids

And though I'm now out of singht if he don't treat them right
I'll be right back and I'll fight for the kids


These teardrops that fall for the kids
You know they're really not all for the kids

But I know you don't care and the only love there
Is the love that'd we shared for the kids

Yes I see you don't care the home that we shared
All our hopes and our prayers for the kids
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