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The finest parts of me
Are only shades of you
To put aside the ties that bind
Is the goal of man

I give my word
To stand the test of time
No more wasted days
The past must perish

The line is drawn
I pledge my devotion
There is no turning back
This heart is yours

I sacrifice for you
For you
For you

This is immortal

The finest parts of me
Are only shades of you
With each passing day
This heart is endless

No more wasted time
We are immortal

The line is drawn
I pledge my devotion
There is no turning back
This heart is yours

I sacrifice for you
For you
For you

This is the everlasting
This is immortal
Your words are my inspiration
Your life, the image of perfection
For all you are
For all you've done
I strive to be in your reflection

The line is drawn
I pledge my devotion

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Jesus | Reviewer: Robert | 10/26/12

One person was right, it is about a "good relationship" in fact it's a great one. Jesus the Christ and the writer. Listen to Times of Grace. It's killswitch. and its awesome. lol just look at the song "Your life, the image of perfection" "This heart is yours"
you dont need to be "religious" to understand that the writer is clearly talking about a person who is perfect and good, and there is none who is perfect nor good except God.

IT UP TO YOU | Reviewer: Aussie Dan | 9/22/12

Some people will always turn away from something higher than the fact of life as it is... Just seems to be happening and no-one cares how or why. And there are those who believe without seeing, the proof is all around us! How can we live in a world constructed with so much life in it, for people to think it's all about death?

Howard stated him and Jessie were raised in the same religious beliefs so it's the non believers who choose to interoperate Killswitch lyrics their own way. These are powerful lyrics and I hope people see the truth to life.

I'm seeing kse @ SOUNDWAVE Sydney 2013... and Metallica, Slayer, Dragonforce... etc, can't wait!!!!

Danny G - out!

Just relax... | Reviewer: Chris | 8/16/11

I happen to be a Christian and I like this song. I like this song because of the way I CHOOSE to interpret it as having dedicated my life to God(FOR HIM) I have a right to this opinion and I have a right to share it. Just as much right as anyone else wanting to complain about my relational views toward God. I will not leave my bible at home and I will continue to share the way I feel as is my right. Life without God is empty and people will continue to search for fulfillment in other things but will not find it. If you want life and meaning in it email me...I'll tell you how/where to find it.

Do you even know anything right about killswitch engage? | Reviewer: Sarah-Jane | 7/20/11

Um okay for one .. this is no way a religious song, it's a song about a relationship a healthy one.
Two jesse leach dose so write his own lyrics it's howard who doesn't and three THEY ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN ROCK BAND!

Religion? WHAT DUH? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/11

Religious people interpret it in a religious way.

I in turn do not.

It doesn't matter.

This is the first time I've bought into one of these "christian band" discussions. But I'm sick and tired of people arguing the point. Please. For the sake of your fellow man. STOP. It's fucken annoying

your false beliefs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/11

Why does everything have to do with religion. You can make a song about killing people and they would say it is straight out of the bible. Because that is what they did back then kill people that did not follow their ways. I think everyone should keep their stupid religions to themselfs. And leave the rest of us alone. Let me think for my self. I don't need some false prophet to tell me how to be. Or what they think is right or what is wrong. This song is as you want it to be and nothing more. As with everything, you take from it what you want. Just leave your bible at home.

KsE rocks | Reviewer: Andrew | 5/9/10

I agree with alot of people saying that KsE is almost hard christian rock. They are my absolute favorite band, and i've met every band member.But some of their songs i think are about girls...but heck I myself am still young and dumb, so i could be wrong. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE IS THE BEST!

Meh..Good song. | Reviewer: Zach | 3/14/10

I love this song..Everything about it just so happens to relate to me, I'm an Atheist but still. It makes my life so much easier and calms me down when I hear this song. Great job, Killswitch. Great Job.

WOW! | Reviewer: Warhead | 12/25/09

I agree with some of you, yes their songs have to do with religious beliefs. Back when Jesse Leech was their frontman, they were considered a "CHRISTIAN" band. No, they do not write songs about "girls"! They write songs about life lessons, religion, and emotion. OH YEAH, and by the way, neither Jesse or Howard ever wrote their songs!

Thats cool. | Reviewer: Nick | 10/29/09

Oj, im sorry you consider our God as only one who punishes and judges, he is truly much more then that, but as Eric pointed out, I do respect other's beliefs. I would hope that KsE would point out what God really is, a loving, caring Father who killed his own Son for us. Which you do notice in their lyrics as you consider them only talking about one who created the universe. He did do this as well. :) He doesn't just stare down at us and shoot us with lightning bolts. Sorry, didnt mean to preach to

KSE ROCKS | Reviewer: Eric | 10/13/09

I think that what killswitch engage is doing is amazing. I do believe that their lyrics point directly to God, but in an indirect way. The words lead the listener to think about what it means, without trying to force someone to believe. Yes, some of their songs probably were written for the ladies, but every band does that (christian bands: falling up, fam force 5, relient k. etc.)
the lyrics of this song alone seem to be rewriten verses of the bible.
"The finest parts of me,
are only shades of you."
sounds alot like that passage that said that our acts of righteousness are like filthy rags before God.

anyway, agree with me or not, but dont trash someones beliefs please. i'll respect yours if you do the same for me
but if you want to know more about God you can email me and ill be happy to talk with you =]

The Creator | Reviewer: Qj | 10/9/09

Haha actually a lot of the songs are about "God"

But not the God most of you silly people consider God...some separate being outside of yourself that judges you and punishes with eternal fires. Noooo

He writes of eternal love that made the universe hehe. So did Jessie. This band is amazing.

Definitely about being Saved | Reviewer: Nick | 10/9/09

Many of KsE's songs have christian meanings. If you would research you would find that their previous singer was a devout christian and his father is a preacher. "This is absolution" listen to this. Absolution is complete forgiveness. Much like being saved. "The finest parts of me are only shades of you, to put aside the ties that bind is the goal of man." Pretty religious if you ask me. They have to give different interpretations of course, which is all music. But (stereotypically) the type of people that listen to this genre of music are not the elders of the church, and they may lose some of their fan base if they were to claim an affilation with Christianity.

Maybe. Maybe not | Reviewer: Martin | 6/20/09

I'm not in the slightest bit religious, and when I listen to KsE I dont really hear religious undertones, thats not to say they aren't there, all songs lyrics are open to the listeners interpretation.

I think the uplifting nature of most of KsE's songs leaves them open to the "Christian band" label, which is fine, if people hear that and take that sort of positivity away from it then it can only be a good thing right?

they write about everything | Reviewer: ian | 5/14/09

most of their songs are about people and society. corruption and religion. they write a lot about the suffering of others aka break the silence, daylight dies, as darkness falls. and they write songs about girls. my last serenade, my curse etc. and they write about religion and many other things. i have noticed that howard write more about people and for the sake of others while their old singer jesse wrote more about religious based ideals.

if you listen to what hes saying and have half a brain you would know that wolvie. p.s. learn how to spell

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