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Lanemeyer For Britt Lyrics

Last updated: 07/25/2003 03:25:18 AM

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All the smiles that i knew this year
you put onto my face
send me one from miles away
and all these pictures spread across the room
the faces all shine through
brings me rigiht back home with you
Cause the way i fela bout yoU
makes me tell myself
"i've never loved anyone before"
you came alone
now as, your standing there in front of me
it's easier to say
"your so beautiful to me"
and all this time alone, we ask ourselves
"why did life tear us apart?!"
i hold you right in my heart
cause the way i feel about you
makes me tell myself
I've never loved anyone before"
you came alone
when i come home again
when i come home again
will it be the same way that we dreamed it's always been
to not come home again
to not come home
will be the same way we've dreamed.

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