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Genesis For Absent Friends Lyrics

Last updated: 07/10/2014 04:51:17 AM

Sunday at six when they close both the gates
a widowed pair,
still sitting there,
Wonder if they're late for church
and it's cold, so they fasten their coats
and cross the grass, they're always last.

Passing by the padlocked swings,
the roundabout still turning,
ahead they see a small girl
on her way home with a pram.

Inside the archway,
the priest greets them with a courteous nod.
He's close to God.
Looking back at days of four instead of two.
Years seem so few (four instead of two).
Heads bent in prayer
for friends not there.

Leaving twopence on the plate,
they hurry down the path and through the gate
and wait to board the bus
that ambles down the street.

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Phil collins | Reviewer: Geoff | 7/10/14

Sure Phil Collins was a great drummer for Genesis, but solo singer....No, not for me. Personally after "the lamb lies down on broadway" album, genesis fell steeply into commercialism and lost their initial integrity. It ended with the above album which to me was,and is...unassailable. The perfect combination of music and lyric.

Phil debuts way way back | Reviewer: The Jersey Genesis Lover | 5/4/09

Little did we all know at the time of the writing/song, that Phil Collins would eventually replace Peter at the microphone. They were the GREATEST band ever. Please answer this question, "When are they going to be inducted into the Rock 'n Roll HALL OF FAME????

Short but sweet. | Reviewer: Ryan W. | 12/3/07

This song maybe only a minute but it could be one of the many gems of the album.This Phil Collin's first shot at singing with Genesis,its a bit of a premonition of what happens in the late 70's and 80's.This song is good but is also the start of Phil Collin's takeover in music.