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Clipse Footsteps Lyrics

Last updated: 07/28/2011 12:00:00 PM

(feat. Kobe)

[Verse 1 - Pusha T]
Follow the leader exhaust pipes and breathers,
The flash from the barrel turns bullies to believers,
The time of the life make the bitches wanna keep ya,
This is my reality want it well let me teach ya

Follow my footsteps through tragedy and triumph
Through flows I give you Mein Kampf
Kilos consigned 'em, do as I say like Simon
And you too will diamond blind hun

I'm on my DYLAAN dillinger, flow just killin' ya
Ya wonder why the real ain't feelin ya, ya fraudin
I mason jar [martin margedem?] O's together since Hove was named droppin' Charles Jordan
Yukh! I kept em noddin', snortin', slobbin', barfin', then bought cars off 'em
The realest rapper that unwrapped and docked em, if you can fit these shoes then walk em, I parked em

I could've been a goner, but I had to save my souuuul (save my soul)
I'm out there chasing my dreams lookin for a place to goooo (place to go)
Tryin' to get up out the ghetto, come follow in my footsteps
Put down the heavy metal, and follow in my footsteps
Cause if you don't it might be daaaanger

[Verse 2 - Malice]
It's not for you to do as I do rather do as I say
These footsteps could lead you astray,
Lead you to the cell or lead you to a grave
Either way you may never see the light of day
Don't let my wrongs do you the right away
To emulate my past escapin' the law's grasp
Told you the truth yet who was I to brag
Especially seeing how Kimani finds it hard to laugh
I miss my homie but she's missing her dad
It weighs on my conscious and I hate conscious rap
Apart from that I wish to see you succeed
So I speak to my people on the spirit of Chuck D.
You behind the glass trust me it cut deep
Then the words to every verse haunted me in my sleep
So now what you see is Malice and contradiction
He who has is. Hope you're listenin' come on


[Verse 3 -Pusha T & Malice]
Follow me like twitter nigga you can check my timeline
I'm the quiet one but my intellect is Einstein
I'm so unnerved by the shit that I've observed
Just lookin at you coons got a nigga lost for words
Verge of insanity I'm at my crossroads
Shame on the words that led 'em like lost souls
We got it wholesale we move it like Costcos
Mercy on the court left us standing here heartbroke
[Pusha T]
I taught you how to cut it, cook it on hot stoves
I taught you how to share em, when fucking with hot hos
Taught you how to rock bright shit up on your toes
I taught you how to smile for the camera when heartbroke
I been the insipiration for all you industry dick tasters
To you local dream chasers I am king Push
I set the stage for all these triple beam hooks
I weigh mountains while all them niggas just sing hooks

Ooh Ooh Ooh
Your momma's sayin'
Oh your grandmomma's sayin'
Oh your baby sister's saying'
Your bitch is saying'
Oh your older brother's sayin'
All your old teachers saying'
Your preacher's sayin'
Your bitch is saying'

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