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Fool's Garden Biography

Last updated: 06/28/2005

Fool's Garden is a German rock band singing in English. Most people will know them by their 1995 / 1996 hit Lemon Tree from the Dish of the Day CD, but they have released two CDs after that as well. The CD Principal Thing was released in 1997, and the CD For Sale was released on 5th Jun 2000. Fool's Garden are:

Peter Freudenthaler – Vocals
Volker Hinkel – Guitars, backing vocals, programming
Roland Röhl – Keyboards, backing vocals
Thomas Mangold – Bass, backing vocals
Ralf Wochele – Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Fool's Garden got seperated in the 2003 spring-months. Just Volker Hinkel und Peter Freudenthaler keep on singing under the old name "Fool's Garden". The other band-members start in new Bands like Fivenmo.

In May 2003 Fool's Garden got seperated of their CD-Label Polydor, because the new Single "Closer" wasn't a commercial succes. The new Album "25 miles to Kissimmee" got released under an own Label of the Band.

Thanks to Sebastian Kilsbach for submitting the biography.