Foo Fighters Lyrics

While he was drumming with Nirvana, Dave Grohl was
recording original songs at home that never received public
release. Those tapes would become the foundation of the Foo
Fighters, the band he formed in 1995, after the death of
Kurt Cobain. Like Nirvana, the Foo Fighters melded loud,
heavy guitars with pretty melodies and mixed punk
sensibilities with a sharp sense of pop songwriting.

Dave Grohl began playing guitar and writing songs in his
early teens, as well as performing with a variety of
hardcore punk bands. In the late '80s, More...

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Review about Foo Fighters songs
Grohl--always positive | Reviewer: Also Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wheels performed by Foo Fighters

Just wanted to add that Grohl's lyrics always seem very positive. I don't know if he is writing about KC, but he always seems to be writing to him (I am presupposing KC really had the persona that was assigned to him by news reports, I guess. Gloomy or not, I must add that I love Cobain.) I am looking up lyrics to sing to a depressed musician, an old friend of mine who hails from an era before Dave Grohl. Any suggestions? Wheels sounds a dab too vague for this purpose.

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Fraternity performed by Foo Fighters

I haven't heard a song that I've actually liked in a REALLY long time and I thought that maybe I just am not open to the new shit that the computer "music" spams our ears with. But then I heard this song and remembered I have a great taste in music and this is a great song. Foo Fighters rock.

Please | Reviewer: Thompson
    ------ About the song The Pretender performed by Foo Fighters

There are a lot of good comments on this great song, but, please don't tell me Nirvana "invented" grunge. That's disrespectful to all the musicians that helped inspire Cobain, with the help of his band-mates, to create some great music. For fuck sake, grunge didn't come out of nowhere and appear as Nirvana.

I think this is not what it seems | Reviewer: UrielDHKa
    ------ About the song Stacked Actors performed by Foo Fighters

I don't think this song's about phony actors who want attention. I strongly believe this song is about war, and how the media or the politicians act about it.

But well, I could be wrong, but the chorus reminds me a lot of songs which spoke about war and media in the same way:

"Hey hey now can you fake it,
Can you make it look like we won
Hey hey now, can you take it
And we cry when they all die blonde"

My favorite Foo song | Reviewer: operaticfoofanatic
    ------ About the song Home performed by Foo Fighters

Probably one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Tugs at every part of me and makes my heart ache for my home, Seattle, where my folks are buried.(Been thru divorce, job loss, long term illness-bad times for a few years and am stuck in SC.) This has inspired me to pick up my guitar again after 37 years and even try to write some of my own stuff. Dave is truly beautiful, within and without, and how he turned his life around after Nirvana is my inspiration. Thank you so much my friend and Muse. Just learned this one on my guitar. Got blisters on my fingers now. Peace and love

Bleh | Reviewer: BB
    ------ About the song Everlong performed by Foo Fighters

It's about Louise Post (Veruca Salt) who he was with at the time.

If he really felt so strongly, why did he cheat on her with numerous others. The "nicest guy in rock" is a fraudulent narcissist, always has been.

Foo Fighters Lyrics, what they mean to me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song This Is A Call performed by Foo Fighters

I am 15 years old and discovered the Foo Fighters two years ago after falling in love with Nirvana. They are now my favourite band and I have most of their albums. I love Dave Grohl because his songs and his lyrics have potential to be interpreted in different ways. Without analysing too far, listening to the sound of the words and guitars is beautiful. Then you can think about the lyrics and even if they appear to make no sense at all it doesn't matter because there is feeling behind it. Feelings, emotions, and passion and that is why I love the Foo Fighters.

Intrusive Thoughts | Reviewer: Sache
    ------ About the song DOA performed by Foo Fighters

as always, Foo Fighters songs are very powerful.
I think this song is talking about what to be afraid of to die? if you live, you'll definitely die. it's not about acceptance either, it's about take a glance for the last time of your life then JUMP happily to your death.
because life is boring and maybe you'll get more adventure in death.

the truth is, I keep thinking about those intrusive thoughts everytime I hear this song, like thoughts to kill myself.
but I can't stop listening to this song. I might gonna die.

Just My Opinion | Reviewer: UsedChemicalGirl
    ------ About the song Tired Of You performed by Foo Fighters

Everytime I hear this song it makes me think of first seeing it in the movie "I Think I Love My Wife." So to me the song is about being unfaithful to the one you love and hating yourself for it. I think of the diamonds as other people in love. Throughout the movie Chris Rock is saddened to see other functioning couples. And I think "I'm not getting tired." represents the man trying to reassure himself that he still loves his wife.

not a love song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Best Of You performed by Foo Fighters

It's cool and ok, that you all think it's a love story but it simply isn't. Between interpretations and actual meaning is a difference. I think this is about life, and especially getting used by people. To get the best of smb. Is meant in a negative aspect."is someone only interessted in the best of you?" Is he a real friend? The line with starting over again isn't about a relationship, but about friendship... Just sad how you guys are all fixated with gf and such... In the end the only thing that stays is us so you should first care about yourself, be the person you like to be, be DIFFERENT, resist! If you have watched the video clip you can see it's not much about relationships but individualism. To fight the uniformed people, cops in this example, though I don't think foo fighters hate cops... So for ME there is one message: shit happens. You will lose friends, you will break up, but the thing is to remind you of yourself, be a individual, fight the "mainstream". Again that's just my opinion, but you should whatch the vid before commenting here

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