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Vanessa Amorosi Follow Me Lyrics

Last updated: 01/09/2003 01:52:38 AM

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verse 1:
so you´re looking for answers,
and they´re selling your choices
in the confort of your own tv
and the magazine covers,
they made you discover
beauty is all that you need

it´s just a mean game
nothing but a mean game
nothing but lies
try to make you be things
tell you how to see things
why do you try

if you´re down on your money
down on your luck
if you get pushed over you can get
yourself back up
i said
down on respect
and down on belief
if you´re sick of what they say
then come and follow me

ooh ooh, follow me
ooh, ooh, follow me

verse 2:
so you´re man on a mission
who makes the decisions
to follow someone else´s advice
cause deep down inside
you don´t know what´s
wrong from right
there´s only so much
money can buy

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

ooh ooh, follow me
ooh ooh, follow me
why don´t you follow me down

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus (x2)

ooh ooh, follow me
ooh ooh, follow me

v. amorosi / a. wikström / f. thomander | published by universal music / epicircus music adm. by wb music corp. | produced, recorded and mixed by f. thomander and anders wikström for epicentre productions. | recorded at the epicentre studio, stockholm

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