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Radiohead Fog Lyrics

Last updated: 11/19/2013 07:15:27 AM

There's a little child
Running round this house
And he never leaves
He will never leave
And the fog comes up from the sewers
And glows in the dark

Baby alligators in the sewers grow up fast
Grow up fast
Anything you want it can be done now
How did you go bad?
Did you go bad?
Did you go bad?
Somethings will never wash away
Did you go bad?
Did you go bad?

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Baby alligators in new yourk sewers | Reviewer: Tim yorke | 5/1/13

It's lovely, especially the piano led live from the reservoir version. Too much production on the recorded version, but the live at the reservoir version promotes this song from b-side to something truly wonderful. Better than most artists a-sides. What is it about? Who cares? If I had to guess I think it ties in with growing up, the revolving circle of life, having children, the paternal/maternal instinct, we all go bad in the end, life jades us all. If evil doesn't get us first then cynicism will.

holy roman empire | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/12

I dunno, in terms of weirdo art rock I always thought Radiohead were doing what Pink FLoyd eventually ended up doing- bringing all the misery & frustration of modern life out into the open so we can at least acknowledge it

If you only pay attention to the mainstream, you don't hear alot of this side of the story- the loss, the pain, the depths which we've been reduced to. Thats what this song is to me- the grown up being asked- did you go bad? Did you go bad? Did you-? in that demented choir boy's voice Yorke has. Its not harsh questioning, not mocking- its full of tenderness, like it knows how hard everything is; commiserating. I get why it makes some listeners cry, cause it should. You got alot to cry about

Ehh we're def not retards | Reviewer: Ruscha | 8/7/10

EVEN if some people teared up when they heard the song,it's becuz it's touching.They do not need your input JUST becuz you aren't that passionate about music.Just sayin.So keep your mouth shut.Thanks

Amazing | Reviewer: Ruscha <3 For3v3r | 8/6/10

He has such a beautiful voice.I think this song is just perfect.His voice and the music sync together and i made me want to tear up.I otuched my heart in a way that i cant even put into words.Ima huge music lover and this song is meaningful and not such a huge waste of music.Thom Yorke,I dont think he is on drugs or anything.I think he just has the ability to reach out to ppl.thats just my point of view."Fog" is the rawest song i have heard from them.I am listening to it this very moment and i will always love this song.GO RADIOHEAD!

Nostalgic for Innocence | Reviewer: Hayden | 3/20/10

The piano and the lead singer's voice coalesce into a sound that haunts you as the sound graces your ear. Radiohead is well known for their music that resonates not just as sounds but as emotions, feelings you have difficulty explaining and the idea that someone else can convey your feelings by relating them to alligators is amazing. Radiohead's nostaglic sound also conveys the beauty of childhood. "Grow up fast," "Little child," "he will never leave" all pose the idea of youth, innocence, and a truly mystical relationship with the world around you. Whether the singer poses the question "How did you go bad?" to himself or another person is debatable, but the question strikes the listener and the musician. Everybody makes mistakes and have personal problems, but there is something that has changed the subject of the song and ultimately caused them to change for the worse. The other question "Did you go bad?" asks whether you went bad at all, or if this shift in character is natural. There is some personal discomfort and a lament that accompanies the song, but his intonation at the end of the song is more positive than not. This after effect causes the estute listener to pose the singer's question to himself and the listener for personal enjoyment to appreciate the band so much more for their sound and their lyrics. This is a truly beautiful song that was thoughtfully crafted and emotionally driven, creating an emotionally charged performance of the LIVE edition.

nonsense | Reviewer: guren | 1/24/10

sometimes a person feels things he can't really put in words, thats where poetry and writing comes in.. its an expression. anyone with the slightest of intelligence might realise that all good music is usually metaphorical..and strange. the easier to understand they are, the more useless.
some people need to take a break from accusing thom of being on drugs, and just appreciate whatever it is he writes. grow up a little bit.

I get a political vibe from this... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/10

The little child who will never leave is your typical politician. They embark on wars which are always a childish route to take. Tit for tat behavior is pure child's play. War is equivalent to swearing in conversation. It represents a lack of intelligence. Instead of using a real word or thinking of a better way to resolve a situation, we swear or go to war. The fog is part of the setting indicating the doom that is sure to follow. The alligators refers to the resilience of those scorned. For example if you look at the majority of "terrorists," and you look at there back ground you would see that they are from something of a sewer. Left alone in the sewer, you either die, or you grow up real fast and it is likely that you trust no one. Not to mention that you are now a full grown alligator. Very dangerous. I think the message here is that we as human beings reap what we sow. If we continue to brush those in distress into the sewers, they will come back as vicious alligators from the fog and catch us of guard. Just my interpretation.

saying this song is about shrooms is weak | Reviewer: Kerhead | 10/29/09

What if I gossip and say that your talents are owed to a "substance" .....Radiohead has great music & great lyrics they're one of the best we have today thier songs are rich with melody, They hit notes in our minds the song rings different bells for all of us ... No? But if I had to use three words to describe this song they would be: intrigue,haunt,mysterious I feel Fog chimes and defines these words.......

Beautiful and touching song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/09

I don't care if people think the song is about drugs or not, it's a beautiful song with a really good chord progression, and the lyrics can be poignant to lots of people. There are many songs that bring a tear to peoples' eyes and that's because they can relate to the lyrics.. We don't need to discount people's feelings on here. Just appreciate the song for what it is. It means many things to many people, some people prefer to think more objectively and say it's about drugs, others think more deeply and relate the lyrics to their own personal experiences. I personally love it's gentle beginning and how it gradually builds up to a crescendo. For me the music touches me more than the lyrics and yes, that brings a tear to my eye.

Re Thom not being into psychedelic substances | Reviewer: L. | 10/18/09

Thom may not be, but at least some of the members are. It's been publicized that some members of Radiohead attended the Emmys or whatever high on shrooms.

And the lyrics to The Gloaming would suggest you're wrong:

"The walls bend with your breathing"

If you've ever taken drugs you'd know there's only one possible explanation for what that line means. I mean, Thom could have astigmatism or something but seriously.

Look. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/09

The idiot who wrote that Thom was "on some sort of phycedelic substance", is wrong. First of all, Thom is not into that kind of thing.
AND I think that everyone can interpret this song to fit a certain painful change in their life, or whatever else they want for that matter.
Maybe Thom DID write it about a haunted studio, but where does it say you can't interpret this the way you want to? It's a beautifully written song. Enjoy it, and interpret it as you please.

The Truth | Reviewer: adam | 9/28/09

It's inspired by the supposed haunting of the studio in which Radiohead recorded Amnesiac, -
The lines
'There's a little child running round this house, and he never leaves, he will never leave'
refers to the ghost, and
'did you go bad'
questions why the boy's soul couldn't pass on, with the typical view on ghosts being that they were unhappy, angry or evil in life.

Baby alligators in the sewers (the original title)refers to the urban legend regarding the baby alligator pet-craze in America in the 1980's - when the baby alligators outgrew their tanks and became unmanagable, they were flushed down the toilet into the sewers where legend has it, they grew huge.
In the context of this song, Thom is saying that the little things you brush beneath the carpet or tuck away inside yourself to forget about will only grow bigger and more dangerous and weigh heavy on your soul.

...wonderful!!! | Reviewer: florian | 8/31/09

According to me the child repersent our former innocent self, that comes to haunt us after the deep and painful realization that we have changed (for worse). The fog represents a futile effort to avoid conftontation with such change. The fog comes from the sewers - the most inner and dirty part of our conscience. From this same place the alligators (representing a threat to all false comfort) will eventually bring about the violent acceptance of change with which we're still trying to cope... (He will never leave) and have not yet fully understood (where did you go bad...)

Wonderful song | Reviewer: riomorado | 4/3/09

Being a recoding artist myself, I find the chord progression and measure a delight to listen to as it dances up and down on an short tip toe across water.

But it seems the water is quite deep. As far as the meaning of this song goes it is anyones guess. To me it points to a level of sadness of what some societies have been reduced to in impoverished places.

Home is safety to a young child where beyond the door lies a plethora of sinister ideas, beliefs and politics. He will never leave alludes to a couple things: One being the safety, another being to poor to get out. While yet even further, it points to just how indoctrinated or ingrained these ideas, beliefs, politics take hold.

Baby alligators growing up fast represents the toughening character children experience in impoverished places drowned in war and conflict. Sewer is easily recognized as poverty whereas the 'fog' represents war and or propaganda and confusion spread by political agenda or religion.

Anything you want can be done seems to give an awareness that all people can make the world whatever they want. If you can think of it it is possible.

Perhaps they are making that statement to people in power.

Where did you go bad? This eludes to the question where humanity fail itself.

Did you go bad? Asks you the very same question.

Did you fail humanity as well?

Happy Listening

Rio Morado

love it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/09

its not just tom who writes the lyrics yanno, some of the tunes he's not even involved in writing; greenwood has written some awesome tracks. this is one of my favorite from radiohead, it is very very touching, im a huge fan but you wouldnt find me bottling up over it lol. turn that frown upside down, radiohead music can be uplifting